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Коли вона сказала що знає собі ціну, він запитав "І яка ж ціна?"

Обидва дуже "цінні" :)

Не слушай никого, ты - прелесть

Открою тайну: мнение других обо мне меня не интересует, и я знаю что оно ложное. Скорее, оно характеризует их самих, но точно не меня. В общем и целом, я слушаю только музыку :)

Как можно быть такой бессердечной?

Да есть у меня сердце, просто мозги тоже работают с ним на равных

If you got two million dollars today. What would you do with it?

anonstar83730’s Profile Photoanonstar
Will save million for worse days, will use another one according to my family's and my own needs

What is your favourite animal?

Any animal is wonderful creature.. I love them all even if I'm afraid of some

Do people see you as you are in the mirror or as you are in photographs?

As they want to see me, but I'm sure in the most of cases their perception of me is far from reality
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choose 3 's' among 10 which characterise you the most: strong, sensitive, sexy, strange, smart, snobbish, sweet, superstitious, soft, spontaneous

1. Smart ( I should confess haha 🤓 )
2. Strange ( Even blind could find out that )
3. Strong ( I've passed through a lot, but didn't brake myself )

Why would a guy lie about being in love with a woman, and during the lie, stalk and harass her while secretly meeting up with his ex?

There are a few options I guess
1: He does not know what he wants, or most likely, he is trying to sit on two chairs at once, so that if one of them suddenly falls, there is a fallback option
2. He has mental traumas and just trying to prove something to himself doing that
3. In none of the cases mentioned above, he does not love them, he is simply looking for some kind of benefit for himself from both

Why do people claim to be good people, but help people who do terrible things?

I guess there are no absolutely good or bad people. Anyway, we identify them for ourselves according our own views. What's good and what's bad? It's very philosophic question and depends on certain situation


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