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Do you truly think LDR’s (long distance relationships) truly work? Personally I say no, I need the physical as well as mental stimuli to feel validated

Nah fam. But they could work if you're dedicated enough. Which I am not, I get bored easily 😕

If someone were to stop by in front of your house (away from the parking space) and kept looking at you from a distance, would you talk to them or would you continue doing what you were doing and find them creepy?

Lmao I'd be worried for a bit then get the confidence to ask what they need

I know you’re lonely and sad and think I ghosted you but truthfully you deserve better than me like I told you in the beginning . I love you and I’m sorry for hurting you…


Would you stay with someone who didn’t really want you ? Or was constantly putting you in third parties

Isn't there an appeal for this

Do you tip whenever you got out to eat and drink?

I still believe servers only get paid tips but I'm sure good 'ol Biden fixed that issue right? Isn't that why we're paying way more money for everything

If you could do anything rn what would it be

Skip forward in life to the part where I own my own place


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