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I hope can be the good person you are.. I'm trying to keep faithful but everything missing up..I'm lost.. I just want you to pray for me 🖤

There is no such thing as a 'good person', Engy. God makes people good, man alone can never make himself good because he doesn't know his limit & so he will always want more. God has graced me to be kind but not for me to keep it for myself. It is my obligation to Him that I share it with other people. Besides people will probably end up pushing me away because I will never stop serving God because that's how great He is. I know you're suffering. Even my mother is suffering, she is in bad condition everyday she's alive. But she is thankful everyday to have me around because I always 'preach' to her a little about not giving up & keep doing the things she does for other people & then God will take care of her. It's the same for you. I have prayed to God so many times but I hear nothing so I gave up on praying, yet I always have Him on my mind, that's His way of keep me close to Him. He loves His children so much that even when we give up on Him, He still reaches out to us. We live in a world that's full of misery & cruelness, but by the will of God, we will be strong & as long as we do things for other people by providing for them & supporting their needs, God in return will bless us, but not in the ways we want to be blessed but in His ways. God doesn't bless us in the ways we want Him to bless us, sometimes He won't bless us at all because He knows we will want more than what He provided for us. God doesn't bless arrogant people when they don't have their way, those types of people have hardened their hearts toward God. You see what happens when some men are blessed but they turn that blessing into arrogance & conceit. We don't understand why we should love God if He allows a sibling of ours to die & we never see them again, but He makes it clear that His purposes for bad things that happen in our life will never be understood until we learn to not be so ill-tempered & instead stay calm & patient. He is like a father; He disciplines us so we will constantly grow spiritually strong. We just have to trust Him the best way we can & not see Him as our enemy. ♥

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+1 answer in: “Awwww you are back again😅🌹🌹🌹”

Awwww you are back again😅🌹🌹🌹

Yes because I wanted to bring this account back from the dead. 😆 🌷 🌷 🌷 Besides, I'm trying to avoid someone because they follow me on my other account. I also want to bring you happiness. I don't care that your account says, "You will find super negativity here". People who avoid you just because you're too negative obviously don't have patience for you like I do. You can tell me 100 things that bother you & I wouldn't get annoyed. I care about you Engy, I care about your mental health. What most people won't do, I do. Most people will leave you to be by yourself because they don't want to be around a negative person who always complains, BUT I'm not them. If I were, I would do the same thing. I stay with you because I adore you. I have sympathy for you & when I say I will never stop caring about you, I give you my word. I am sad everyday of my life & lonely as I have told you all of these things, but JESUS is the reason why I never give up because He is hope & strength for me. A lot of times I want to give up, I want to commit suicide, but I open the bible & it INSPIRES ME TO KEEP FIGHTING. So I do...but anyways. Real friendships like me & yours are hard to keep in one place. I have to see your face everywhere, not just on instagram. YOU are an amazing person. You are like a banquet of flowers, very lovely & sweet. You have been through so much in life, but you are still a kind person. THAT is EVERYTHING to ME. Kindness should NEVER be forgotten. It is what keeps us strong because when we are kind to people, they become our friends & they want to be around us. No matter how sad & upset you are on any given day, you will always be my friend & I will always worry about you. :) 🤭

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- Pope Francis

"Do not make the pursuit of money, a career or success, the basis of your life. Resist inclinations toward arrogance, the thirst for power and for riches. People often make do with having a little money and a bit of entertainment. Help the poor and others in need of assistance. giving freely without expecting anything in return. Some stars may be bright, but do not point the way. So it's with success, money, career, honors, and pleasures, when these become our lives, that path won't ensure peace and joy. Do not be indifferent from Jesus. Instead of conducting themselves in coherence with their own Christian faith, they follow the principles of the world, which lead to satisfying the inclinations toward arrogance, the thirst for power and for riches. I pray instead that the world makes progress down the path of justice and of peace. Many Christians observe Epiphany to recall the 3 wise men who followed a star to find the baby Jesus, which star have you chosen to follow in your life?"

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Qué te gusta de una mujer?

Her kindness. Her attitude towards the way assholes see her. She doesn't pay them no mind. It's not really about her facial looks or body shape for me. It's about how beautiful she is with how she lives her life. That's what attracts me the most. A girl who loves life, and loves to do for others before herself, that's beautiful to me. Girls who smoke, drink often, party, hang out with the wrong people, they don't attract me.

Have you experienced true love?

I have, yes. Tho it lead to heartbreak, I couldn't stop crying, I cried for months (literally) causing me to sink deep into depression. I will never regret finding her. She was an angel to me. She was my everything. She was my beautiful Puerto Rican princess, I always smiled bc she loved me. She was so caring and sweet. She betrayed me, but in my heart, I've already forgiven her. I will never hear from her again, and it makes me sad, but my only option is to move on. If I don't, I will never get myself out of this hole of emptiness and misery. I don't want to be miserable all my life. Her name was Kaitlyn (my Kaitie)...
Have you experienced true love


Be humble towards the less fortunate. They are just as beautiful as us fortunate ones are. Bring humbleness upon others, and you very might well be met with humbled beings with beautiful smiles on their faces. This world is filled with heartbreak and sadness, but that doesn't mean any of it can't be beat with kindness and respect for each other. Nobody knows bravery until the hateful enemies are confronted with smiles and open arms.

Can you live without lying at all?

No one can live if they don't forgive easily. Lying is the most hurtful act in society, but regret is so much hurtful. Unfortunately, we cannot see each other's thoughts. So we really never know if we missed an opportunity to forgive a person who is actually being honest. And bc of that we refuse to forgive. But at the same time, we sometimes have this feeling that we should forgive bc it will make things better. Lying is part of human nature. That's the scary part about connecting with others. There are very beautiful marriages and one of the spouses has been the liar way before the wedding.

We can save many relations, if we understand the simple fact that…

...peace lies within ourselves. Most people will never find it. But it takes special people to WANT to stick like glue instead of shattering like glass.
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Is being single a curse or a blessing?

I've been single all my life. I fell in love with a girl over the internet....BIG MISTAKE. I haven't been the same since. I was happy. I need that happiness again. But I refuse to be impatient. I don't talk to different girls like I used to. You have to learn to never give up even if you hate being single. But most importantly, if you love someone but not yourself, and that person leaves you, then you will die in depression. You always have to keep this mentality that you don't need anybody to make you happy. All you need is to believe in yourself, and refrain from comparing yourself to other people. If you keep that in mind, I have confidence that you will overcome any struggle in life.
Is being single a curse or a blessing
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