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I want the opposite sex banned in Texas Georgia Alabama and Colorado. I want this to protect my sex from destruction. orangecatphoto@yopmail

Ok, weird and unnecessary but I'm not gonna judge

What is something that turns you on that you think others might see as strange

Well...its kind of hard to explain. I like things that are human yet not. So stuff like furries, monsters, ect. I know there's a fan base on stuff like that but I still think its weird

What is the most useful thing/skill/habit (of any nature, personal or professional) you've learnt/developed in your life?

I've learned how to get over most issues pretty quickly

I’m bored asf and need something to distract me

Got any hobbies, if not is there anything you want to get better at?

your favorite lie is ..?

I'm not a big fan of lies because even when it's a joke I still get backlash but I once convinced someone I lost my virginity at an early age, it was obvious bs because I said it around the age 12

What would you do if you found a lost dog or cat with no name tag?

Personally I have learned not to interact with them in case they attempt to follow me home

What is one thing that many people don't know about you?

I listen to the creepy side of vocaloids like ghost and steampianist

How do I come out to my friends amd family as bisexual?

I'd start by saying that you need to talk to them about something and try to make sure it sounds important, in fact if need be let them know its serious. Then just pick a time and let them know. I'm sure they'll still love and support you 100% of the way


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