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No, not really, but there's nothing you can do, I'm just hoping Life can manage to nevermind, ....

What..?? *Raven was confused now* are you hurt or something? M-maybe ..I think I still have some of that fruit Aunt Nova gave us..or um.. *he starts looking in his pockets for something that can heal his mom* F-ck! I don't think I have anymore on me.. maybe Sorell does, he hangs around her a lot now

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WEEE!! *they both faceplant into the ground with shards of glass from the window they leaped through* ..Ow.. that hurted..oh, Ravez, look itz candy! Lez eat it! *he points at the shards of glass*

No..*hic* I gotz somefin better.. *Raven takes a handgun out of his hoodie pocket--wait..where did he even get a gun!? What did he and Blueprint do while they were gone!?* I darez you to eatz the *hic* bullets they like candy

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