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What’s one memory that genuinely makes you smile?

jasonmurphy1’s Profile Photojason murphy
Watching my mom waterski on one ski (after heart surgery no less) to teach my showoff uncle why he should be quiet more often, and let other people take up their own space once in a while.
She was always her best self at the lake cabin. She loved it there, so near the water and the woods, with all her fruit trees she planted.

What annoys you the most?

Mouth noises like chewing gum with an open mouth, electric hums, thumping bass from cars or neighbors, idling large engines like on 18-wheelers.

Do you always smile for pictures?

Omg no. My fake smile looks like a sneer, or weird. So I like to make goofy faces or just kinda smirk lightly.

How do you like your eggs?

I like em.
All the ways. Haven't found an egg I did not like yet except most egg salad.
My fav is fried, flipped once, still a little bit gooey in the yolk.

What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents do?

Uh.. cohabitate in the same cemetery, but separately? My mom is buried, my dad is split between 4 urns, one of which is on her grave marker because she intended to be buried with him, and 20yrs later when he finally got the fk outta my life by dying, I couldn't stand his ashes being in my house.
It is hard to be annoyed by dead people.

Who is your most attractive friend?

Objectively, my roomie, or my childhood friend Sarah. (Polar opposites in personality)
Tho if ya wanna know a friend I am legit attracted to, you'll have to wait. There's some. But as I've no intention to act on it, it serves little purpose to answer.
My female friends I can speak on, cos I'm not into them for real.

What was your best birthday?

There had to be one where we went to Funworld, AND to the Arabian Knights. I was under 12.
Having a xmas-adjacent birthday sucks. What's worse is my mom died ON my 17th birthday, so every year since just seems like it is cursed. Like I don't have one. Like I don't deserve a birthday. Like for some reason, everyone else in the world gets a day for just them, to celebrate being alive... but all I get is eclipsed by a mythical deity's consumption-centered, bastardized birthday, and negated by a stigmatizing death.
So.. yeah.. my best birthday was so long ago I can't remember it clearly. I used to love spending my birthday with my cousin and brother, on xmas vacation in Florida. Family sucked, but we had fun then. Before we knew how hard it was for my cousin's parents to participate in all these expensive activities.. and when my mom was still alive to try to make me feel special while the whole world seemed drunk on Xmas, and oblivious to insignificant things like my birthday.
Nobody comes to birthday parties between xmas and New Year's.
People give me combination birthday/xmas gifts which means one gift rather than two, and they fking wrap it in xmas paper.
They get me fking four day old stale cakes with poinsettias on em.
Fam, if you have a friend with a birthday near xmas, try harder than this for them. Please. They deserve to feel special.

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Under what circumstances do you block people on social media?

Any of them.
If I want to. If I feel like it. If they annoy me. If they're dull. If they're a jerk. If I see them be a jerk to somebody else. If they have bad ideology. If they like to argue. If they want compliments all the time. If they do nothing but complain. If they post porn or nudes. If they post Spongebob gifs or memes. If they're a channer. If they think being a shitposter is cool.
Fam, I block a LOT of people.
It is weird when people act like blocking is a taboo thing to do.
There are literally billions of people in this world. Cutting a few off opens up room for decent people to take up space. If I only get one life, fk everybody tryin to waste my time or hurt others.

Lately I've noticed an increase in social interactions on this forum. What do you think?

etalutargnoc’s Profile PhotoBGLenn
Wishful thinking? Dunno. It is really quiet between app updates.

How do you prefer watching movies - on TV, in the cinema or online? Why?

Streaming services, at home.
Selection, time flexibility, quietness, comfort, convenience, cost.

What’s the class you use/used to fall asleep in?

Geometry. I loved it. But.. it was my last class, the room was hot, and the teacher's voice was really monotone. I fell asleep despite my bravest efforts all the time. :(

How often do you go to the cinema?

As infrequently as possible. I'd much rather pay less, eat my own food, not have dozens of strangers around me, and watch whatever I want from home where I can pause it if I gotta pee.
Sincerely, your friend who will tear you a new orifice if you kick the back of my theatre chair again, or use your god damned phone for anything besides a fking emergency during the film.

Whats the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

alecnich2923’s Profile PhotoAlec
Say one shaves their pubic hairs. Say one kinda cuts themselves in a region one can not see. Say that barely noticable cut gets infected.
One might need to ask for help with first aid. One might find themselves bending over, spreading cheeks, and uncontrollably laughing at the absurdity of it all.
This is why I must title my memoirs "Swamp Ass and Shame".

My best friend Tanner just stopped by my apartment and handed me a $20. He told me to give it to my gf to pay her for something called the "Premium Snapchat" show she gave him last night. Idk what that means. Should I be concerned?

YDNACSupreme’s Profile PhotoRick
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