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Wen shawdy on ig told yu dhet if yu ain't fuck yo nigga on the regular he was gone cheat wat yu said?

I didn't say anything fr.. I mean, coming from someone who has three kids and is under 20 and can't keep her man? Lmao, nothing she says has relevance.

Whats your biggest fear right now?

Uh, I'm scared of telling the people who mean a lot to me how I feel about them
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whats the worst thing u ever did?

Idk it's a lot of really fucked up stuff I've done. But the worst... I guess when I was 15 and my ma had just got her BMW.. I took it to see my "boo" and I hit the side of their house. Then I just back up and drove off like it was nothing and parked it at my house.
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What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?

People's hygiene and the scent they have (good, bad, neutral)
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Something you like

Sleeping late, waking up to breakfast, being held, feeling like I mean something to someone, food, Popsicles, trying something new, phone calls, pain (stfu) and doing something I'm good at.
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Something you dislike

Being woken up, annoying people, loud people, liars, people who always over exaggerate stuff, people always in drama, people people PEOPLE. Hell
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if icoula ask for one thing back it would be you. airian imiss you so much. just being able to hold your hand sometimes. ihavent heard from you since we broke up but iwant you know im truly sorry babygirl.

Well. Since I clearly know who this is *sarcasm* all I can say is its too late for that now.

Llh ight so me and this dude talking but he wont ever say nothin when we around his friends. I love him he always tell me he love me but he aint showing me he does

You can say you love anybody. But if his actions don't show it then that's the problem. Talk to him. After that.. FDB!!!
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