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If someone randomly kisses you whats your reaction? (dont think too hard)

My reaction would be who the heck are you and I would pull away because I would not know who the person is. I would be flattered though

What’s the first thought comes to your mind when I see airplane ticket

Yay I'm finally going to get the chance to start my traveling

Would you call me right now if I asked you to?

Well maybe because first I do not have your number and second I don't really know you

Are you afraid you’ll be exposed and everybody will know if you talk to me?

No not afraid , just have to do it when the timing is right.

What’s the first thing that went through your mind when I first started messaging you did you think I was a lunatic?

Depends on who you where as I had numberous of guys message me

Question is who are you and why do you have that mysterious look on your face beautiful face i might add

A little bit of mystery is not that bad though, but eventually you will know who I am when the timing is right.


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