Ask @Deejv1:

Masz już może jakieś postanowienia noworoczne?? ;D Miłej nocy życzę ;* ?

⚡Bellalalala ⚡
Otworze wino ze swoja dziewczyna ???
,,I know you’ll be there
To see the tables turning
Wake up tomorrow
And watch the bridges burning...
Remember when we
First had the thought of living
A perfect picture
But I did all the giving
Gave up my passions
To try to make you happy
The joke is over
And I’ll do all the laughing..."

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Witam ;* Co cenisz w Ludziach? ;3 I jak samopoczucie? ;D Miłego wieczoru ??

⚡Bellalalala ⚡
,,Take the time just to listen
When the voices screaming are much too loud
Take a look in the distance
Try and see it all
Chances are that ya might find
That we share a common discomfort now
I feel I'm walking a fine line
Tell me only if it's real
Still I'm on my way
On and on it goes
Vacant hope to take
Hey - I can't live in here for another day
Darkness has kept the light concealed
Grim as ever
Hold on to faith as I dig another grave
Meanwhile the mice endure the wheel
Real as ever
And it seems I've been buried alive"

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