Ask @DeemaSoub1998:

حدثوني ؛ عن أسوأ شعور قد يشعر به الانسان..؟!

"It's a big lie, the accepting of destiny..
It's the worst lie.. it's the place we attach to... after a mental break down, after we realize how far are we from what we wanted to reach, how is it impossible to be the one you always wanted to have tried a lot..but you're still attached to that time, where you were full of the excitement of reaching your goal".
What goal i'm i thinking of now? A blurred future? A completely different human being who has changed for the sake of surviving and the acceptance of the illusion? Excuse me, but who are we after all ? Who are we without that excitement? We're just like another table with dead souls working to get this life done..just like a forced job...
How pretty it was and how ugly it became!!
May god be with us, because words aren't enough to express how painful is it"

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