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Why don't you post any pics of you and Austen it's like your either not excited to date him or your afraid your ex will see them or something.. just a friend watching out for his fam...

I don't need to post pictures of us to show him how much I care about him and how important he is to me! I tell him all the time so he knows! and Im sooo incredibly happy to be dating him

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I keep forgetting to ask last week I saw you driving with this super cute guy and I was wondering who he is???

probably Austen? I think he's the only guy I drove last week lol

You know it's totally ok if you just want to casually date someone and not get serious right?

yeah why

Sometimes people are put in your life for you to be a positive influence on them, not the other way around :) If someone wants to change for the better you can be there to help them!

I agree!

I think you're in a love triangle with Austen and Mac and Chad and maybe Kenny...

hahahah why do you think that

Ok so who's cuter Austen or chad?

lol they're two of my good friends I'll never answer these questions

Study date with one guy yesterday and a different one today? I wanna be you haha

lol I was with chad yesterday and today and then Austen came for a little while today and it's not a study date we just hangout there hahahah

What are your new classes? Do you know anyone in them?

I have english 102 accounting and psychology and yeah I know a few people

What volunteer work are you doing for your 100 hours to graduate?

I'm a student leader for younglife and that counts for it!

Who have you hugged in the last 3 days?

my mom my dad Savannah and I think that's it idk I can't remember

Ok so I've driven in the harbor and seen the guys doing the kayak thing and omg I think they are all hot!!


Where did you go last night?

sav ash and I went to the bon fire for like 20 min then we left to go to mcdonalds then came back and talked with mac Austen and Kenny for a while then we went back to savs and watched movies!


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