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Delanie Grundman
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Do you like black boys?


how does that make her mean?¿

OMG GINA I MISS YOU! And hahaha kinda confused myself

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What the fuck you got Mitchell roshes for his fucking birth day


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I fucking hate uou


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Do you like anyone


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ur kinda rude

I don't care

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You're so so SOOOOOO pretty

Thank you!

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How many guys have u had a thing with?


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How often do you work out?

Once every never

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Are u a Virgin?? u don't seem like one


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My dream is to fuck you

Pretty solid dream you got there

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hot or not rate date or pass and have u ever liked (the liker)

who has the best hair in 7th and 8th grade?? BOYS

Who gives a shit

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Ur soooooo pretty

Thank you

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Are you and Mitchell dating

Happy birthday!!!

Will you answer my questions?!

Your gorgeous

Thank you

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Prettiest girls in 7th

8th grade boys who got hot over the summer???