Ask @DellLucas:

It seems like no one wants to be my friend because I'm not pretty. I used to have 4 friends but they all turned their backs on me to some new girl. The new girl didn't want me around her or my own friends.I never did anything to the new girl or said one word to her ;((

You're probably young. People, friends, and acquaintances come and go through out life. You should ignore them and focus on other things. If they were good friends you wouldn't be in this situation. The new girl might be jealous of you or worried you might be better than her and take the attention she's receiving away. I couldn't say but regardless none of that matters. From what you said nothing happening is your fault so you should ignore what's happening right now. You're going to make new and better friends, you're beautiful, always be confident in yourself and you won't even remember this when you're successful after school so don't stress about it too much.

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