Ask @DelvinaP:

20 fakta tentang kamu :)

1. Law student and a debater. ✊
2. 13 September 1998 #Virgobabe (soon to be 20) 🤦
3. An INTP (i procrastinate alot) 🤷
4. Basicly a human sloth #solazy
5. Current favorite tv show "The Good Wife" #recommend
6. I want to be a lawyer, or works for the government. 🤷
7. Camus rules! #absurdistftw 🙋
8. So stressed out rn, bcs of my debate competition, study, boys #lol. Got a lot in my plate.
9. I think i should be majoring in philosophy rather than law. 🤦 #toolate
11. I am a grey area #chaotic-neutral
12. On my phone a lot bcs ppl bore me. 🙄🙄
13. Surrounded by amazing ppl (shoutout to my girlfriends) 💖💖
14. Functioning alcoholic lol #jk ✌✌
15. Ppl whom influenced me: Plato, Nietzsche, Sarte, Camus and many more.
16. I have a thing for greek mythology.
17. I am going to get my first tattoo. 🙋🙋
18. Thinking abt my future gives me anxiety. 😓😓
19. "Nous sommes nos choix" and God knows I made bad choices. 🤦
20. I am still trying to figure out how to be good, and I am sorry if I hurt you along the process. 🙏😞

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