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Hi Demetrio! I heard you just started up teaching drums. Is it you that teach drums or who is the teacher?

Yes, @ Skien Lydstudio we started drums courses, of course it's not me teaching drums. (I teach guitar, bass (beginners) & Home Recording).
The teacher name is Bao Nguyen, drummer of Polyvalencis, I've already worked w/him before since I produced his band debut Ep in 2013.
For info on the courses:

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Hey Demetrio, what's the difference between the lessons and studio "regular price" and the recently "January" promotions?

Well.. About the lessons:
The package of 499 NOK for 10 lessons is for those who take learning guitar as a very "NOT" demanding hobby. The lesson lasts just 25 minutes and the students don't get a lot to do home. (but of course get some homeworks).

About the studio: Record a song from 799 NOK;
it's just for those who are looking for a place to record a simple demo that sounds good but good as a demo, of course to record an album we need to get an "album" quality and of course that takes more time and obviousely a little bit more money..

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