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I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone before. My life has been far from easy. I was abused in all sorts of ways when I was little I didn't get the love I needed my dad rapped me when I was little to. Now I hate myself my body my fatnes everything :/

I'm sorry for everything love, but you know you're strong enough to get over it. It'll probably take time but you'll be fine I promise. I love you beautiful :)

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Ok i need major boy advice i met his boy two nights ago i was out drinking with mates and he was super sweet so we hung out and talked (i was drunk) and we exchanged numbers adn weve been texting for the last two days - what should i do ? im so badwith boys i never know what to do/say

ig you should get to know him and stuff but he'll probably think ur a hoe if u know what I mean cos boys often think of sex so ask him if he only talks to u cos he wants to fuck and if he says yes just be like alright and never talk to him again cos he's an idiot but if he doesn't then try to be friends w him

wow demi you changed

THIS IS SO FUBNY ZJHZKZ. don't call me demi, n babe stop acting like the victim. you knew I wasn't demi tf yeah I lied to u saying I was her but so did the 86227 others. stop blaming me it's not my fault if you believed in something stupid fam get over urself

Which movie do you think is overrated?

why do important people always end up leaving me when I most need them seriously am I a bad friend or something ?
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do u miss anyone

FUCKYESSSSS. I miss everyone I've ever been close to on here but mostly justin and selena like they're the best bestfriends I've ever had and we've known each other since the beginning and I'm so so happy I got to meet them even tho I'm not on much (which I'll try to get on more often) I still think about them all the time and I think about all the memories I've ever had even if it was bad ones I just can't live without them ugh oh my godness they're the best persons ever I'm so done I love them more than life and idk why I'm saying this cos they probably don't care about me anymore but yeah


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