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You’re the kind of “friend” if caught, would paint me the most deranged of monsters just to save yourself. Am I right?

No no no I'm the kind that catches you in my fangs

Anyone from canada

Rumple_stillyyy’s Profile PhotoHeyla Patootie
My operations are world wide Canada, Frace, GB, Germany, Sweden,Japan China even the USSR. Only places you won't see me Africaelens or Muddy rivers

I wonder what female jail is like is it just a big bisexual and lesbian orgy in there with the female guards ?

victortirado94’s Profile PhotoVictor Tirado
I was told it was like camping 23 got it easy too that's why I roll with sureños

Do you believe in non fiction?

Yeah for sure but there's no coincidences in this 🌎 that's why I prefer 🌌

What’s the last thing you ate you cheated on?

Pizza, it was Sunday cheat for the diet but toppers is 🥵🥵🥵🥵

Do you like hosting parties, or attending parties?

bluboy7’s Profile Photobluboy7
You have to actually have something accomplished to celebrate your talking about overdosing again???

Capricorn, you?

I don't like candy corn that's fucking trash, it's so nasty worthless trash it slips all the rest of the trash to the bottom of a dumpster all on it's own


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