Ask @Dentos21851:

Do you think that you are special to someone ?! 😻

Nope escpecially if all my friends ditch me, and nobody wants to talk or hang out, hell the fuck no, people can't handle how real I am, so they all ditch me and live a illusion, you need to understand something about me, nobody wants to even love me because, I resist this world and the lies put in it that all of society follows, and I will rise above all and become stronger than anyone else in this world and destroy all they lies societies engineers put in people's minds, I'm not insane, I'm REAL and I'm INTENSE, you expect change, but I'm not become a fucking sheep, I'm a lone wolf, forsake me and abadone me like all others, trash your feelings on what society claims is right, I am heartless, because I HAVE to be, for my survival

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Someone you wanna meet right now or someone you miss right now?

I'm just lonely, and people keep making false promises to me, been stressed the fuck out, my grandparents are cruel as hell, I moved back to Arkansas in November, and I was told I would have a year, now it's until April, I don't make enough money to live on my own, and my friends keep lying to me and betraying me too, it's emotionally hard for me, I just want some one I can trust and bond with who isn't indecisive and cares enough and who will not go around breaking my heart, life is bitch and it makes you want to hate everything and everyone, and live in solitude, but can't do that either

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