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tobehonest: my brutha from a nutha mutha . you're funny as shit, and we actually have to drive around town and rate chicks on their asses, i miss going over to the Dahlin residence and seeing all of you, psyche you're a faggot and I like Daniel better than you <3

We can tag girls too, you rock that strap-on, ill go au naturelle

Here a question you have asked before. Would you rather watch your parents have sex for the rest of your life, or join in once to stop it.

Thats twisted even for my sick mind

Your arm is tied up. The only way to get it free is to cut it off. There is a chainsaw, a hack saw and a knife. What do you use? Keep in mind the chainsaw could do more damage to other limbs.

Eat the knife and hacksaw, then chew myself free cause I'm not a pussy

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