I don't think it's unreasonable that you're excited, too! You finally get to see everyone's raw reactions to it. KEEP AN EYE ON THE #OMNISPOILERS TAG. Pretty sure it will be moving at 90mph tomorrow, provided I haven't died from whatever this ep will do to my heart.

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I know a lot of people have been asking about Aggregor, so I'm going to use this question to explain my original idea for him. Before we started the Rooters, when I was first starting to think about the concept, I had the thought that we could kick off the arc by having Aggregor seek out Kevin. Aggregor's genetic material was to be breaking down, coming undone, he was degrading to a point that it was difficult for him to hold his human form. So he would go to Kevin for help, ultimately disclosing to Kevin that Ag was a Rooter experiment to duplicate Kevin's powers. Perhaps Ag's mind was wiped as well. The episode likely would have ended with Ag melting into ooze (dead?) and Kevin would have ended up pretty much where he did at the end of the first Rooters episode.
I don't remember why we didn't go that way, I think maybe no one could work up any enthusiasm to do an Aggregor story. As a large part of the crew had worked on Ag's UA story arc, I don't think anyone was in any hurry to get back to him.
One other thing that didn't get left out, but it did get kind of confused was the Prototech Armor. My original intention was that, unknown to Rook, he had been field testing this new prototype Prototech Armor FOR The Rooters. The Rooters would have been wearing the Armor because of Rook's successful testing of it for them. I can't really remember why this didn't get fixed either. Probably either it was too late, or no one cared enough to change it.
Here's a little list of original ideas for the Rooters I put down on my phone so I wouldn't forget. The second name on the list was supposed to be the African American Plumber with the visor from the flashbacks. I'm blurring it out in case we want to save it for something else.

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