Ask @DestineyLawson:

Why you dont talk to anyone fam

bc y'all niggas play to much. Y'all never know who or what y'all want, period. It ain't that hard to love one person & only fw one person. It's simple, y'all just make it hard not only for yourself, but for everybody. Y'all be hurting girls who really down for y'all & it won't even bother you at all bc you've already moved on. Y'all wonder why we think boys all the same but that's only bc that's all y'all want to show us. I deserve way more then what I've been settling with. Therefore, I talk to no one bc I'm just waiting on someone to treat me how I know I deserve to be treated. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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Sam and hunter D are talking again you know

Sam has told y'all over & over that it's their business & it really is. Anon just don't know how to stfu & stop tryna start irrelevant drama. πŸ‘Œ what happens between them stays between them so keep it that way. Me & hunter are only friends, period. Me & Sam have had our differences but she deserve to be happy, just like everyone else. You need to worry about yoooselfff.

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