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How would the world be different if everyone's emotions were visible for others to see?

Well first we would have to figure out what all those different entities or energies were through science and then actually it might be the same .. damn I thought I almost had something there people just wouldn’t be able to hide them I guess that doesn’t mean their actions wouldn’t be the same but definitely our sociality and language would be different

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What did you fry today? Since yk, its 'Fry' day

I dropped my crack pipe to answer this question it was cabbage

Why am I crying?

You’ll be okay, alright, tears are what happens after the worst part about why you’re crying

So I said like a joke to a girl but she said goodness gracious did she like the joke?

Sounds good to me

Someone stole my twinkies should I call the fbi or the police

The muffin man who lives on drury lane

What are your morning routines?

Get home from work eat something try to stay up as long as I can shower sleep repeat

What relationship advice would you give to single people who are wanting to joint the dating world ?

Stick to what you know because what you don’t know can hurt you even more, I’m not saying don’t try new things I’m saying don’t let yourself become unaware

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What is one thing you refuse to share?

My life with another person, but idk I’m pretty kind I’ll share anything


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