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I'm having a good time with your LP's and music, any tips for anyone with time management and managing your videos/music with producing your art around everyday life?

Hey thanks! Glad you're enjoying my work ☺️ honestly best thing to do is to plan a routine around what you need to do day to day especially with time consuming projects like LP and music composition. Figure out what your day to day schedule looks like then find where the majority of your free time is and allocate anything creative you might wanna do there. Hope that helps!

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Have you got any tips for writing lyrics for songs?

Honestly when I write songs I'm asking myself how to tap into whatever emotions, good and bad, that I've felt and how to sum them up succinctly. Really though, like most things, it comes with practice. Think about something you want to say or something you've felt and try to express it in as few (or as many!) words as you can. Practice is the main thing that's improved my lyric writing, with inspiration from other artists I look up to! I hope that helps ?

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If you could redo a video, which one and why?

Honestly I often wish I could go back and re-do my Banjo-Kazooie LP, the first 4 episodes aren't even in HD and it was before I really knew what I was doing audio wise. Also a ton of info about that game has been made public since Rare Replay came out which doesn't get touched on for obvious reasons. Maybe I'll stream it or something one day.....

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I just listened to your Anxiety Attack song, so good dude! I've been there! I was wondering if you had any tips on how to deal with your anxiety, any exercises or things you do to help with it?

Thank you! Generally what I try and do is to take very slow and deliberate breaths and try and clear my head as much as possible. This works pretty well for me and it's not an exercise that was given to me by a professional it's just what helps to calm me down
I hope that helps!

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Would you consider ever doing a fashion vlog on your youtube?

This is a really really good idea but like I have no clue about how I would structure it and plus like when it comes to fashion I actually have No Clue what I'm doing. I just kinda go with my gut a lot about what will look good together so am not really sure about how to give advice or anything like that. Unless it was just me talking to the camera and explaining where most of my wardrobe came from which could be ok. Something to think about ?

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Your music and transformation has been amazing this past few months. I don't think gender is garbage but I love to see people being who they really are. My question is, would you have been as confident to come out without the net or would it have made no difference?

Wow thank you so much and thanks for listening to my music! I don't have any problem with people who very much feel like they fit into a binary gender but I think that if we did away with a lot of very unhelpful labels, then a large number of people would have to suffer a lot less. I think that having the information, community and discussion surrounding gender online made it a lot easier for me to identify the way I had been feeling for a very long time. That's not to say that I may not have still come out eventually but it may have taken me a lot longer.

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You being so open about being NB and gender presentation has helped me be more comfortable as a cis dude who wants to wear makeup. Thanks for being inspiring!

OMG thank you so much!!! This is a massive compliment and I'm so glad that me being my weird self has inspired somebody!! ? get out there and be your weird self! Don't take shit from anybody!! And remember that Gender is garbage and belongs in the trash!!! ❤️❤️

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