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OL for someone 🌸

Minhaaaal Khan Baloch™
It Would've Been Almost 5 Years..
Sometimes It's Not You That Keeps Me Awake At Night.
It's How You Changed Infront Of My Very Eyes Like A Chameleon. I Thought I Knew You The Most But Yes I Was Wrong.
22 February.
The Date When Everything Started To Change.
I Could Feel It. The Change In Your Tone. Your Mind. Your Heart.
I Kept On Coming Back In Hopes You're Still The Same But I Was Pumping Blood In Something That Was Already Dead. It Hurts Sometimes. It Keeps Me Awake Sometimes. It Makes Me Wonder Wasn't I The One ? Didn't I Matter ? Wasn't I The One Whom You Loved ? Was I So Easy To Let Go ?
And Sometimes
Your Questions Are Left Unanswered.
And So Are You.

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