What kind of camera did you use for the 2000 Years Ago project? Also, what other kind of equipment did you use while filming? (OvO)

As prime camera we used a Canon 60D. As lenses we had a Tokina 11-18mm 2.8, a Walimex/Samyang 35mm 1.5 VDSLR and a Zoom lens I lend from the Instructor. :)
For stabilization we worked with a Steadicam Pilot and different Tripods.
For the flying camera things we used a DIJ Phantom with a GoPro.
Some scenes where Filmed with a Nikon D800. (If you wonder why that was not the main camera... We had not much time and I have a lot of experience in filming with my Equipment. So it was the better choice for us, even if the D800 provides better image quality.)

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