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What makes you happy? 🌚

urwaaslam’s Profile PhotoUrwa Aslam
Ek mazay ki baat batau?
Mein ne na kuch logo ko jeena seekhaya, unko unky zehan ki qaid se nikala, or unko society mein stand krna sekhya ye bhi btaya ky Allah tallah ky sath taluk kasay rakhty hain or un logo ko priority di jab ky wo is qabil nhi thay per mein ne bht qurbaniyan di un logo ky liye per at the end what I got? Ky sab kuch kharab mein ne kiya!!! Mein ne bhi khushi khushi man liya ky thk hai mein ne kiya!! Bht best feeling thi wo khamoosh hojanay wali ajj bhi mujy ye cheez khushi deti hai waqai!!!!!!
Ye ajeeb pagal pan wali khushi nhi?

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If u were to write the most imp words for yourself at this point in life ,what would u choose?

dictator_1059’s Profile Photokiddo headshrinker
I know people are trying to take you down
don't tumble, please. Try to persist arduously. I know you have gone through a lot but you are still the strongest person alive. Just look at yourself after all that things you are still standing like an autocrat.
( hota hai chalta hai dunia hai )
This time will pass too and just a little relic "You have passed the sea just the little drops are left"♥️

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Poetry 🖤

rebelsierra’s Profile Photoروحِ من
mein kabhi usay bhola hi na paya
jis shaks ko qudrat ne mera humsafar hi na banaya
Mein ne chaha bhi usay maat bulayein
per ye bhi mujsy ho hi nahi payaa
lakh pukara, roya, cheekha magar wo meri awaz sun hi na paya
hazaro wadein thay kasamein thi magar wo kisi ek ko bhi nibha na paya..🌼


MinhalBaloch’s Profile Photoمحمد منہال بلوچ
Life is so miserable sometimes. I don't say life but some situations of life or I must say the compromises or sacrifices which we have to do. But why always us?
it's because you have that power to absorb the sorrow, the pain of sacrifice or the pain to lose your self esteem, not all have that super power of absorption. You are incredible and chosen for this superpower. Don't feel low when you have to absorb this. Can I tell you the other superpower of yours?. At the same time, you have to show your two superpowers one of absorption and the other one is to show happy when you are absorbing the whole sea of saddness. By the time you become the superhuman who is different from others not because of these superpowers but because of the endurance, they have now. So don't be disastrous whenever you have to show your superpowers🕊

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Any experience that changed your life/perspective about life? 🥀

remsha123’s Profile PhotoRemsha
pata hai masla kia hai? Jab koi kuch chupayein ya jhoot bolay na tab tak hum bht khush rehty hain or dusray ki koi bat buri hi nhi lag rahi hoti or hum na dusray ko ye feel krwaty hain ky tum kuch bhi kaho gy hum bura nahi manay gy what we all say is "you can share everything I will understand this or whatever "
lekin jab wohi insan ye sochta hai or yakeen krnay lagta hai ky meri galtiyo ko mein chupanay ki bajayein isko bata deta/deti hun tou wohi insan jo ap ko khud kehta/kehti hai ky share kro wohi apko utha kr penkhta hai or apni nazar mein mujrim ban jatay ho ky sach bolnay sy behtar hai jhoot hi thk tha "
- What I got from this is " agr koi himat krta hai na apnay ander ky flaws batanay ki ya koshish krta hai ky wo galtiyan jo anjanay mein ya hogai unko bata de tou accept kr ky bhool jana chaiye ye nahi feel krwana chaiye usay ky tum galtiyo ky sath thk thay "

- Har insan ye zarur pouchta hai ky tum thk ho per koi thk rakhnay ki koshish nahi krta tou agr ajj hum kisi ko accept kray gy tou shyd kal koi humein ..

( khair jo bhi experience tha us se mein ne ye seekha hai kyyy galtiyon ky sath bhi accept kr lena chaiye q ky agr ajj apny dusray insan ko maaf kia na tou kal paka wohi insan khud ko behtar kray ga or wo galti na krnay ki koshish kray ga ) 🙏🏻😌

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Best Teacher of your life ? Write one line for them 🔥

Sir bilal🌼
He is my mentor. He believed me when no one else did and I ascertained him right and that was the best juncture of my life. May Allah give him all the happiness and peace he deserves. (Ameen)
I don't have words to describe him he is the best of all. 🙌🏻

Dear ASKfm Users!!! Be kind to everyone's heart. Be kind and polite in answering question. Use ur sense of humour to make people laugh not to cry...

cherymeow’s Profile PhotoSherry Sherry
( yahan kuch larkay apny ghar ki tarbiyat dekha rhy hotay hain )
And I advise y’all to have sabar if someone mumbles something nasty it's his/her tarbiyat.

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Intezaar krte rhe, pr woh kbhi aye hi nahi !!

Danyal_H’s Profile Photoدانیال
ہے کچھ ایسی ہی بات جو چپ ہوں
ورنہ کیا بات کر نہیں آتی
کیوں نہ چیخوں کہ یاد کرتے ہیں
میری آواز گر نہیں آتی
موت کا ایک دین معیّن ہے
نیند کیوں رات بھر نہیں آتی
کوئی امّید بر نہیں آتی
کوئی صورت نظر نہیں آتی

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