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Mamado272’s Profile PhotoMohamed Fayed
I'm so proud of my son ( bro) because he got his second bachelor's degree.
We've waited so long for that moment and today we celebrate the most amazing engineer in our lives. I hope he gets everything he wants because he deserves the best things in the world Thanks for all the love we get from the family and I'm so happy to have like this great,comfort and safe zone ❤️❤️
Im so proud of my son  bro because he got his second bachelors degree

Did Dina change from last year?

Someone told me that after a year and a half I would still be what I was then but after less than a year a lot has changed i don't deny that I went through a lot of consequences and dark paths, but I was confident that I would find the light in the end and this is what I got I became more mature and wisely more now i can decide what I want and what I don’t want, face the world and overcome challenges
Sometimes I get despondent and resort to crying, but two years ago I was let down at that time my father told me that I had to stand up and fight again to prove urself and take a good place in the world he told me don't wait for help from anyone cuz just you can do it better. Now when I look back at what I was i find that i was very childish but now things have turned around and I'm fine and if you back after a year from now and ask me the same question u will find different answer cuz every year will add more experience for my life

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مساحة 🦋

elterkawysara’s Profile PhotoSARA
life is so fair if you work hard then you will get results if you stay without doing something useful you will always be in down of the top

Why do you disappear and what are you doing recently ?

i didn't disappear buddy just cuz i have million things to do i don't have time to be available in social media about what I'm doing recently actually i do nothing 😂😂
just studying for the final exams so pray for meeee

تفتكري قرة عينك بينيل ايه ناو

Maybe he is working or studying
Maybe he has a new adventure or maybe he is in love with a girl and texting her now and doesn't know that he will be mine in the end 😂😂😂

‏كل الناس فكراكي حبيبتي وهي اصلا اول كلمتين.

الفاينال فعلاً بيعمل أكتر من كدا يلا معلش

سبيس 🖤.

mohammadalrayyan’s Profile PhotoMohammad Alrayyan
I saw this couple while wandering the streets of Cairo and I walked behind them for up to a kilometer
I wished them brighter years together and wished I could have the same story
Don't you see my dear that they promised each other to walk together until death and maybe even after death🥺♥️
I wish I could find an eternal partner Who would walk with me in all the roads and cross all the streets with me I wish I could find someone with whom to make a memory in every street and making a captivating story like this story ♥️♥️
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الناس اللى كل يومين فى قناة شكل دى 😉😉

إحنا بقينااا بنتنافس فى عدد اللقاءات
حضرتك 😂😂
الناس اللى كل يومين فى قناة شكل دى

كأنكِ خُلقتِ من عتمة ألليّل ، قلبك قمريْ وعيناكِ نجمتَان ، تجوب أفلاكِي وأنا الفضَاء ، فلا كوكبْ أومجرّه تساوي نجمةً فِي عيناكِ. ❤️🥀

مالك يا أنون إنت كويس ؟

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اعمل ايه وتريح قلبي .. قد ايه محتاجلك جنبي 🎶

محتاج لمين لمؤخذة ؟😅


٤٢ سنة فرق بينى وبينها ومستكبرتش إنها تعتذرلي عن تأخيرها فى الرد رغم إن كنت نسيت اللى طلبته منها أصلا
الإعتذار سبب إن الود يطول وملوش علاقة بالسن أو بمدي الغلط اللى الإنسان إرتكبه♥️


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