is the Sora FC translation shit?

FC's translation is such a disaster during parts that a specific person handled that it's sickening to think he actually got paid for it. Mistranslations, guesslations, you name it; it's all there, and a lot of it is stuff that even someone who just started learning the language could pick up on, too. The best part of it all is that the culprit is Deuce, the guy who the western Ys fanbase idolises as some sort of hero of translation. Let's look at some examples (with some spoilers) with a rough correction:
JP: Joshua: 空賊たちや、ルーアン市長の背後にはあの黒装束たちがいた。
TL: Joshua: The Sky Bandits were the ones in black, and they were involved with the mayor of Ruan behind the scenes.
Actually: The ones in black were involved behind the scenes with the sky bandits and the mayor of Ruan.
I love this one because you can tell it's wrong even when you don't understand Japanese.
JP: あの時と状況は似ているけどはるかに危険は高いと思う。。。 気を引きしめてかからないと。
TL: The circumstances aren't so different, but it doesn't feel like we're in any immediate danger. I'm not constantly bracing for impact, at any rate.
Actually: The circumstances aren't so different, but this'll be far more dangerous. We'll need to brace ourselves.
They're about to infiltrate a heavily guarded military base, but it's cool because that one time they snuck into a little sky bandit hideout was way more dangerous.
JP: なるほど、貴様らの目的、何となくじゃが見えてきたわい
TL: I have to confess, I don't get what you're planning.
He's saying the complete opposite here.
Naruhodo is most definitely used during a situation in which you don't understand.
JP: Agate: おいおい、一体どうしてそんな事になっちまったんだ?王国軍ってのはそこまでモロい組織なのかよ
TL: Agate: You two want to fill me in on why we suddenly care? What does it matter if the military chain of command is that easily broken?
Actually: How'd it even come to this? Since when was the military that fragile?
Here's another favourite. It really doesn't matter that a coup has taken place and the military is completely in the hands of [REDACTED] now so he can use it to whatever means he wants.
JP: Dalmore: ジョセフのやつが愛していた建物が、あんなにも無残に……
TL: Joseph always loved that place... Such an atrocity...
JP: Dalmore: 心中、お察し申し上げる。
TL: Perhaps his spirit yearned to have his loved ones join him...?
Actually: My condolences.
And here's an example of just pure guesslation. He saw 心中, used EDICT or something to look it up and saw double suicide, followed by 察し then ran from there.
Of course, I haven't even included the stuff from the end of the game where highly important plot points get completely messed up because he had no idea what was going on, largely to avoid spoiling the major stuff. But yeah, FC's TL is an unfortunate atrocity that happened thanks to one guy who went in over his head thanks to being idolised by people on forums.
(The irony is that I can barely translate myself)

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