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Tori (Preg)
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Heya. I'm Sans. Sans the skeleton. *you may hug the skele if you wish*

Sans The Skeleton

Hello Sans

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What gift would you like to receive on the upcoming holidays?

Idk.. o.o

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What's something that everyone should do every day?

Be thankful for their friends. Tell them that you love, and appretiate them.

Trust me.

Even the smallest of words can have a big impact on a person.

I want to feel like I matter to my friends.

I want to let them know they matter greatly to me.

I am happy to have my friends, because they can understand me.

I am glad to have:

- Ivy
- Char
- Jesty
- Euphobea
- Tipsyai

and many others.

I want them to always know that I'm there for them, no matter what.

They are my family, and I'm glad I met all of them. They can understand me, and I thank them for that.

Thank you guys, I mean it. <3

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(*paps* OuO)



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Royal Damerians?

Well, I guess I should explain them. >~>

You see, they are the rulers of Damerian cities.

There's about a total of 10 kings woth their mates, and 1 queen.

But.. those kings which are intimidated by Ardal must have their mates locked away, just like Vevena is.

Royals can also have greater strength, and must have full power over a Damerian city.

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(*nuzzles* uwu You're welcome *purrs*)


-paps ur face- 030

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(*huggle* QwQ You're just so damn nice)


zkkdkdjekxkd >3<

Thank you QwQ

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What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you?

That I'm actually a really chill person.

I prefer to be nice, and kind to others. I hate people which mess with my friends too.

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[[I will OuO, thank chu ^-^[

⚘~Twisted Laughter*Jester*~⚘

chu welcome x3

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[[~> I've been interested in making a Damerian slave]]

⚘~Twisted Laughter*Jester*~⚘

Go ahead! 030

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Tori (Preg)

After some thinking, I've decided for a limited time, that Damerian are open for anyone to make!

If any of you didn't know. Damerians are my own closed, demon species. Who in which I only allowed my closest friends to make!

But, thanks to some thinking, I'm going to open up character making for a short while.

This means that if you want to make a Damerian, you can!


BUT.. there are rules!

1. You must stick to Damerian ways. (Unless you want your Damerian to fall for another species/rebel. In this case, you're OC will become an outlaw, especially if your OC is female)


3. NO family relations to my other characters! This also means no friends for Jared, Tony, Ardal, and Vevena. (Since I am.... very picky)

4. Their only abilities include:

- Flight

- Enhanced strength (Not as much strength as Tony, Jared, and Ardal though since they are royals)

- To give themselves a human disguise. (they can only hide their wings, tail, and Damerian eye color)

5. Look at this!!!!

This is all you need to know! It gives detail on Damerians, including ideas on what each social class should look like.



Also! If you have a Deviantart account, and you make one. Please be sure to notify me. x3 I would love to see where everyone goes with this!

Thank you everyone for reading! Happy creating 030

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What scares you?

I want my friends right now. 8(

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What do you think of makeup?

I only wear makeup during special occassions.

It tends to burn my eyes.

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Do you prefer giving or receiving?

I give, and do things for many people.

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With whom would you get in touch in a spirit calling session?

Idk 8(..

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When is the world going to end?


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I sent that ships and meant Doesn't have to be the top favs *facepalms*

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh u.u;

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(( Doesn't Meant doesn't have to be! ))

Huh? 0.0

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Your favorite ships and Crackships? (or if you just wanna list is all, does have to be top favs)

Well 8o

I have a lot of top ships. My most favorite is Tony x Angel.

Then it goes:

- Melanie x Grande (underrated couple tbh 8'U)

- Marrow x Gwen

- Claude x Demetri

- Tabris x Karri

Either way U3U ships are ships, and I love them all. <3
- May x Jared

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Daffy Duck


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HI there nice to meet ya the names Daffy Duck etc, etc!

Daffy Duck

>_______> ..... duck season..

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