Ask @Doctor_Milli:

Introducing Quantum, Hikaru's bartender-bodyguard dude in his true form. ((his hidden form is that of a human))

Mysticalsorcery ((On))
I adopted him from noahdopts and placed him in my AU universe to our own, Mythical World.
Mythical World is a AU where monsters and fantasy beings all have human disguises to blend in with the environment.
Among other ocs that live there include: Jeremy, Hikaru, werewolf Grande, werewolf Melanie, Abrafo, Bellinor, Claude, Varuuk, and even Bidzill!
If you have any questions on Quantum or any of the other characters above, lemme know!

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How is your relationship with your parents?

I could care less if my mom dropped off the face of the Earth. This is due to the fact that she is bragging about dropping me as a daughter. ((not that I should care because she never gave a shit about me even as a baby, and basically didn't raise me my entire life and I was raised by my gma and dad instead))
I love my dad greatly and he spoils me, but sometimes, we have disagreements.

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