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have you ever ask your parents how do baby come ? and what did they say :p ?

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Actually i did 😅😅 thy said when you get married god will give it to you 😂

gd mrreto bmwgf w 7seto enkm mrreto feh gbl kda ? =) if yes, esh ttwg3o al srr wraha lol

Yes .. Mmkn knt a7lm or something like that !!

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explain exactly what would you do if you saw a ghost when you are home alone? =))) why?

Call my mom ..to make him leave 😅

hey guys, can you Give me an advice ? :D

Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. Don’t make promises when you’re happy.

ايش الحب يبدا بضحكه ثم قبل ثم بكي بلا قلت حياء احنا في رمضان ناس اخر زمان

6yb 5la9 akltene !!
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