Do you like living in Hungary?

No, not really. If anything, this has a lot to do with how our country got out of socialism so late in the game (roughly 24 years ago), and our economy since then keeps struggling with keeping up with the "west" in the worst way possible: keeping up the prices to the EU standards, but without the matching payments and services in a lot of segments. I don't think I need to elaborate on how this makes keeping up families and households rather hard for a lot of people (I got fairly lucky in that regard, but let's keep the issue at hand), and it doesn't really help that our political "elite" is your typical rag-tag band of hoarders: promising so much, yet delivering so low, including the very sensitive area of providing jobs and treasuring those who work in particularly important fields. If you heard about how a lot people in the medical field keep leaving our country for the sake of better payments and appriciation in foreign countries, you pretty much get the idea.
On a more personal level, that's an even more no. I don't know how is the general mood in your country, but we have that specific mentality of everyone holding back everyone for no reason (or for petty reasons), and if you happen to live in some specific areas, this can get very tiring in the long run. And the funny thing is that this keeps going on even in the younger generation of people (like mine, who were born in the very early '90s), so you get this strange mix of mentality where people simultaniously keep living in both the '70s-'80s and the 2014. Of course, I'm not saying everyone in our country is a pack of back-stabbing rats, but I hope you get what I mean.