Which one do you like more: books or the more "visual" media (like games or movies), as far as feeding your imagination goes?

Call me a "modern kid", but I'd say I tend to like visual media in this aspect. As much books tend to have the upper hand in terms of sheer text thus having more air to deliver the story and characters they want, aspects like describing the scenery or what the characters look like often feels like following a money bill pulled via a string when I'm more interested in the story, and especially in the characters themselves. Visual media on the other hand jumps over this by simply showing you something that was described trough sentences after sentences, and if the overall direction plays its game right via more eccentric people at the helm, it can add something to the story that the book couldn't do. This is especially true if the direction is willing to put emphasis on the audiovisual features of the characters to tell about subtle characteristics even the characters themselves may not be fully aware, it's more interesting to figure out their meanings yourself than letting the protagonist tell you that "he/she looked utterly distressed, like he/she realized something that never wanted to realize". That, and the time restriction of visual media (available time slot, pacing, etc.) has the potential for a more subtle approach on stories in instances where the source material tended to be long-winded and making things a bit too obvious at times, and even if the source material didn't do this, you can still convert smaller passages of text into subtle visual/audio clues tied to the characters or the scenery. Granted, it's easy to mess this potential up when it requires a great amount of attention and a sense of more bolder directing, but if the result is successful, you can have something that not only meant to entertain you, but to make you reflect on the story and/or on the characters themselves, the themes and the story wants to tell you.