One last question regarding movies, was there a non-anime movie you've actually found pretentious, given that this seems to be a flaw many films, even some by Tarantino, seem to have problem with?

Because my selection of live-action movies is quite poor, I'm going to pick an answer that was quite possibly the first time I thought a movie can be pretentious, and I'll say Saving Private Ryan. Maybe the word "pretentious" doesn't quite fit the movie in a traditional sense (considering this movie is not exactly an art movie), but aside of "blind nationalism", I don't have any other word to describe this movie. You know that feeling when a war movie tries to sell one country as this pack of good guys while the enemy is depicted as this band on barbaric cavemen who don't have any shred of humanity in them? Yeah, SPR fits this bill like a glove: I do understand that this movie was meant to be for Americans, the sheer amount of bias towards the US oozing from it just doesn't make it a good movie when it wants to be taken seriously as a war drama, and it doesn't help either that none of the characters are particularly charming or endearing either. I mean come on, even Kelly's Heroes had enough spine to highlight that it's ordinary people who fought in that war, and the characters in that movie were more life-like both inside and the outside than SPR's selection of characters were.