(SPR? I'm very surprised, actually. I definitely agree that it contains this annoying pro-USA coat covering the whole movie, but in my case, Pearl Harbor takes the cake for cheesy Harlequinn romance and historical lies) Regarding games, was there a game other than MGS 3 which left a significant impa

In terms of story alone? Conker's Bad Fur Day is the only one that springs into my mind at the moment: the game itself may be not exactly story heavy for the longest time, but the way it oozes sheer vulgarity and nihilism the entire time in a way you wouldn't expect it from a studio being close to Nintendo at the time, and then you have that ending that not only puts the beginning narration of Conker into context, but also gives a truth bomb filled middle finger to that very attitude the game sported in the entire time is just great. The game itself was meant to be Rare's farewell to the N64, and I'd say this was the best possible way of doing so: the game itself was already one of the techno-junkie titles of the system for a reason, and the story was also something that really gave the feeling that Rare did wanted to make something unique and personal for a farewell.