Out of curiosity, what is your stand on transhumanism?

It may be an idealistic view, but I'm neutral towards it as long as it's solely being referred to make use of technology in order to restore parts and functions of the human body that has stopped functioning properly, or they never functioned right to begin with. As for everything else however, I'm against it, and for one simple reason: people would inevitably find a way to abuse it either by military projects, or just by the sheer curiosity of overcoming mortal limitations even by the slightest degree, and let's be honest, there's already enough trouble in the world to try and not make things worse, even if the topic still holds many potentials. The immortality part of the subject is still interesting though, but I still think that it will always have its limitations on many grounds, from the population (these "immortal" people would still need homes/facilities/etc. after all) to the possible factor that literal immortality is something that human psychology studies obviously doesn't have anything to say about its effects. Would the psyche develop further, would actually degenerate as time goes on, or would stay static and nothing would change? This is the kind of question that I don't think even the most enthusiastic supporters of transhumanism would reach definitive conclusions.