Is there a game you'd call art, or at least one you consider pretty closer to being art? *crosses fingers for Killer7*

Not a personal favourite of mine but I suppose Killer7 fits the bill more or less in its own way, though right I personally consider the Pikmin series to be closer to this. The series itself doesn't center around its story since the "actual" story is pretty simple in all three games, but in the sense of "art", it's more about all games having an underlying theme about the power of teamwork and how all species are generally kept alive by feeding on other species in one way or other, and while I said that all three games' story are pretty bare by themselves, the first and third games are having their own little themes as well, with the first game centering around leaving the planet before the 30 days limit is over, and the third game centering around finding food not only for your own planet (which managed its food poorly), but for your own group as well. I may like the first and third games much better than the second one, all three games are wrapping what I said into a package that not only feels much more innocent than what the concept is about, but also well put together in a general sense. Especially the third game, the HD platform really brings out the lively visuals of the franchise.