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Is there any hope left for Danganronpa?

If the anime is anything to go by, there is. Leave it to the series to have as much HOPE and DESPAIR as you can get from one franchise.

What's your favourite Disney movie, if you have any?

None that I could recall, I was always more of a fan of the short cartoons and the DuckTales TV series.

Hey Boss, now thay Y5 is announced for the West (I'll drink to that, it's a good occasion to celebrate), does that mean you will beat Dead Souls in honour of Kiryu's awesomeness? *wheezing laughter*

What Souls? I'm sorry, I haven't heard of such game, the series clearly doesn't have an awful zombie spinoff.

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Do you think the supposed incident at Zaporizhzhia might be the new Chernobyl?

I'll be honest with you, I didn't even knew about this nuclear power plant until you asked this question, let alone an incident taking place there.

Is there anything you hope to receive this Pingasmas?

A few weeks ago I would've said "a Blu-Ray copy of both Watamote and Nekomonogatari White", but I took care of both of those, so there's nothing specific left to hope for. I suppose I wouldn't mind a Wii U with at least Wonderful 101, but of course that's really out there compared to two animes with UK pricing.

Now that the trailer is out, what do you think of the new Star Wars, Boss?

I generally don't care much about Stars Wars so I haven't even watched it to begin with, though I did saw the new lightsaber design. I'm fine with it, but I can see why some hardcore fans might be negative towards it, it does seem more like something from a medieval fantasy setting than a sci-fi.


Tell me about this "mankind". I studied their history but I haven't heard this segment of it.

Would you still buy a game if the publisher treats its European customers like total garbage, or you'd cling to your pride and ignore it, despite wanting to play it once?

I'd ignore it most of the time, in all honesty. Sure, I can still spit on the publisher for the awful attitude, but as narrow-sighted or non-caring this may sound, I care more about the game ultimately than to miss out on a game I'm interested in because of factors like this. I still understand folks who rather boycott a game in a case like this and they tend to have a lot of point about it as well, but as for me, I usually don't feel hesitant to buy a game with a bad publisher. I care more about what the programmers/artists/designers/etc. created than to be held back by the incompetent nature of those who are responsible to deliver the product. There are barely any developers/publishers out there who I feel completely devoted to anyway, so I don't feel any sort of "betrayal towards myself" when I buy a game that I find interesting from a developer/publisher with questionable business practices. That's why I'm saying jokingly that I'm "boycotting" some developers/publishers by only being interested in a handful of their games, and not caring the slightest about the rest.

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Have you ever read The Witcher?

Not at all, to the point I didn't even know that it's originating from a book. I always thought it's a game-original series up to this point.

Will you give Drakengard franchise a go one day or is the mix of Dynasty Warriors-esque gameplay, Dark Fantasy aesthetics and grotesque imagery straight out of End of Evangelion not your thing?

I don't plan to do at the moment. Not because of the things you mentioned, but because it's simply not on my radar.

Is there anything real out of the world of Video Games?

You know what, I'm not even sure. I'm not even sure whether the weather is getting chilly, or it's just a glitch.

How are you doing in Brandish SNES so far?

I'm on the tenth floor of the first dungeon right now, the one where one room is a teleport puzzle of sorts. Generally speaking I haven't died that much so far and I feel I got used to the navigation (or more precisely, the way the screen rotates, the way pit puzzles work, those sort of things) as well, so I'm alright, especially after finding the dimensional box and holding items not being *that* much issue. The lack of more varied colour scheme/music still bothers me though, but it's not much of a gamebreaker really. Brandish 2 SFC actually seems like rainbow incarnate just by the screenshots in comparison.

Do you like movies/games with over-the-top gore or you consider anything like this downright juvenile, unless it doesn't treat itself seriously?

It really depends on how earnest the overall game/movie is, whether the story is serious or just a mindless action tromp: if it's over-the-top but it feels forced "kewlness", or if it's meant to be a part of the drama but the story/characterization goes for cheap (or "deep") shock value over genuine effort, then it's a bad, juvenile thing for me. Inversely, if the over-the-top is genuinely cool/impressive or the overall drama/characterization is involving enough, then I don't mind it at all.

(Good choice, I'd personally have a dilemma between Christine and Oboroguruma because... Well, I think it's obvious. *laughs*) Pretty minor question, are you familiar with Loonatics Unleashed, a.k.a. animu Looney Tunes?

I heard about it and saw some screenshots of it, but I don't have first-hand experience with it even though it was apparently aired in Hungary at some point.

If you were an SMT character, which demon would you most likely choose as your Persona/teammate?

Tough question, but I'd settle with Hell Biker.

Yeah, I agree. Say, given that Halloween is almost here, have you watched Goosebumps back when you were a kid? If so, is there an episode you still remember? In my case it was the one where a boy got cursed and turned into a spooky skeleton because he didn't want to play Senran Ka-*cough, wheeze*

No I haven't, I don't even remember if this show aired in Hungary at all.

PLAY SENRAN KA-nah, can't make that joke. On to the question, do you prefer when a fictional work has got an open ending that pretty much makes sense but leaves some things hanging or a bad ending that brings definite closure but kills off your favourite character?

The former, I was never a fan of bringing closure to a story/character that involves killing said character off. I suppose it doesn't matter that much if the story isn't that good in the first place (on the principle of not being that invested in it the first place), but if the characterization is good, then it matters, and I personally prefer a character seeing trough the day with all the experience he/she gets than getting that experience and then die at the end. Not saying killing off the character necessarily nullifies what the plot has been doing up to that point, but "drama by death" rarely is my cup of tea.

I keep breaking my thumb no matter where I go and what I do, even Hentai Kamen can't help me anymore! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

You're not calling Hentai Kamen the right way, he demands a certain kind of panties to ease your pain. As evident, he will come to you neverthless, but he's too nice of a guy to leave without trying to do something with his limited powers. It's like equal exchange except with underwear.

What is your favorite anime of all time? If you can't think of just 1. Best 3, then?

I was about to stick with three titles, but I changed my mind and might relegate it to two rock-solid ones, and two titles for a would-be third for the moment. The two rock-solid titles I'm referring to is Cromartie High School and Great Teacher Onizuka, while the third one would have been Trigun, but I haven't saw it in such a long time that I'd need a re-watch to not rely on nostalgia. The third place would be a tie between Gunbuster and Nekomonogatari White, but I saw both of these just last year, so think I need more time to pass to confidently place these two on the list (even if both of these are the strongest candidates for me right now).

What's the best thing on Youtube and why it's Retsupurae?

It used to be back then: a good part of Retsupuraes/Wrongpuraes remain memorable for reason, but there wasn't anything mentionable or mentionable for me since that last part of the King's Quest 7 WP where the commentating trio got broken to pieces by the end. I still rewatch some of my favourites from time to time (the KQ5 is one for example), but either I got burned out on newer material, or RP in general got stale recently.

Which fictional character you consider more influential to you: Hanekawa Tsubasa or Kazuma Kiryu?

As much I like both of these characters, I'd say the former one. Kiryu's general characterization makes for a very good "benevolent gangster" character despite his general invincibility, but on the level of more specific characterization, it really doesn't help that his whole character arc may be the thing that suffered the most damage from Sega's attempt at milking the series as much as possible and trying to find ways to keep him in the plot, possibly without any intention to deepen his character. I still consider him a great character to play as (he's the kind of "gangster" character that is both benevolent and still confident/accomplished, I'd rather play as him than any of the GTA characters), but there's a reason why I have expectations for Yakuza 0 - it being a prequel story means Sega is now forced to actually do something with his character, unless Majima will pull an MGS2 Raiden and he'll be the actual star.
Now in the case of Hanekawa: not as much in Bake and Nise (partially due to them being pretty basic/bare in the first place compared to later installments), but the two Neko arcs and her screen time in Koi did a really good job at building a character that is an outstanding individual in many aspects, but prevents it from becoming "perfect" in the bad meaning of the word via giving her flaws that are not only in-character for her, but both aspects are pitched with more than enough narrative honesty to make the character click in a way that comes off as more human than most people give her credit for. I really liked Monogatari S2's aim of making the show's world more "rounder" by Araragi not being the only PoV character of the show, and IMO this worked out in Hanekawa's case the best: it's only five episodes, but those five episodes of Neko White do a very good job at making her character come together and give first-hand context to her S1 actions in ways that tends to be not spelled out into your face, elevating her into the most complex/complicated and developed character of the series. To be fair, even at its worst Monogatari has a more snappy writing than a lot of other shows and S2 represents quite an improvement in the franchise's overall writing (for instance Senjougahara, or even Sengoku worked considerably better in S2 in general), but I feel that Neko White is where things worked out the most, and it's her character that is an excellent example for a harem (and anime) character that has much more complexity and aspects than meets the eye, not to mention having a "dark side" counterpart that legitimately has more effort put into its writing than most animu "dark sides" out there. Right, Persona 4...?

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Will anything ever be the same after Hentai Kamen?

You silly goose, nothing, anything can be the same after Hentai Kamen. That movie shattered my view on the world and then it rebuild it into a better, expanded version of it. The only thing that could repeat this is either HK2 or Mahouka, but I doubt His Holy Highness Tatsuya can be a match to the Lord of Strut that is HK.


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