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Befelé vagy kifelé forduló személyiség vagy?

Elég befelé forduló. Annyira szerencsére nem hogy ismerős, "biztonságos" közegben is megkukuljak, de az is biztos hogy nem én vagyok se a társaság középpontja, se a legrátermettebb arra, hogy vadidegen közegben kezdeményezzek a "megnyílást" illetően.

Brandish WHEN

If it's about Brandish 1, then probably never at this point my good sir (assuming I guess it right how asked this).
But if it's about Brandish 2, then... that's a good question. It's on the list of "games you should try out you lazy sod", but as per usual for situations like this, I'm still waiting for the mood. But one thing I can note already is that B2's OST blows the hell out of B1's OST out of the water. Not that it's hard to do when B1 uses the same song for 2+ hours, but B2's music is still remarkable.


Depends on which one you're talking about. If B1, probably not anymore at this point. If B2, once I'll get off my lazy bum and get to it. Which should be better soon as possible, because some birds whispered to me that B2 is something else.

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Which one do you prefer: Hitman or Splinter Cell?

I haven't played a single Splinter Cell game, and I only played Hitman: Blood Money up to the third or fourth mission, so I'd say Hitman but that wouldn't be a fair judgment at all.

Do you think that Valkyrie Drive will be a worthy spiritual successor to Deus Ex franchise?

In some Sliders-esque bizarro dimension, yes.

Have you played Hank The Chog '06, a.k.a. the greatest platformer of all times being a parallel of Sonic '06?

Well, the stream of it was more technically competent then Sonic '06 was, so I guess that's a good, better experience.

(Regarding previous question, I've completely forgot about Dan Foresque from MediEvil, being a knight from Sony franchise, he should replace Kratos) What would you do if you'd wake up one day only to find out that you've swapped bodies with DSP because the reality bugged out?

I'd probably constantly rake my mind about whether we'll switch back or not, maybe even hoping we'll never switch back. The guy's general behaviour is awful enough that if we end up back in our own body, trying to explain the situation and/or repair the damage he'd do would be a nigh impossible task.

So I'm not the only person who isn't too impressed with Kratos in Shovel Knight, good to know. Who would you use as a guest character yourself? (Clearly Shimakaze, after all, KanColle is now labeled as the "Savior of Vita" in Japan so Sony owes it to her. No, I'm not joking about the savior part)

It's a tough question actually. Battletoads makes a lot of sense because the franchise was around from the era Shovel Knight wants to revisit and it's a Microsoft property nowadays, but Sony's side would be a dilemma all the same because they didn't really had such a property until the PS1 days. Crash Bandicoot would have made a more or less fitting SK guest candidate back in the '90s, but right now, I honestly don't know what could make a passing guest. I suppose either Ratchet & Clank or Sly Cooper would work, but only because they're "cartoony" enough to be in a game like SK, and even then that's not an option I myself would want, but rather an option that I can see work better than Kratos, or Nathan Drake.
Then again, even Shimakaze would work better than them, at least she has the more fitting potential to make for a boss for a game like SK.

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So Kanye West is making a game where the player needs to guide his dead mother to heaven. Any opinions on this retardation that puts Shimakaze's design to shame, Boss?

KyoAni has called him, and told him that their idea of using his name was more creative than this one.
But on a more serious note, as much I'd like to think that this idea of his doesn't involve his massive ego for once considering the very topic of the game, I'm not convinced about the amount of sincerity, or the humility behind this idea. Not because I haven't heard about this game of his before this question, but because KW has put his ego on display enough to make me question the foundation of this idea.

Am I the only one getting annoyed by how the new Guilty Gear still doesn't have a confirmed release date in Europe?

I'm not that much interested in Guilty Gear so I wouldn't say it's annoying to me personally, but it does tell a lot about game releases when a game still can be in European game release limbo in the year of 2015, on consoles that doesn't have region locking. Now I'm not sure how the European region has worked out for Arc System Works in general over the years, but them being so focused on fighting games, the least I expect from them is to at least understand why releasing a fighting game with months between regions matters a lot in general.

Would you consider LSD Dream Emulator on PSX a good game (at least for laughs) or a pretentious nonsense that gets lost in its own goal?

Haven't heard about this game before this question, so I can't call judgement on it.

Have you watched, or at least heard of the movie titled "Johnny Got His Gun"? (I swear, the first book I'll want to translate after graduating is going to be the one this movie is based on.)

No, I haven't even heard about this movie/book until now. Or perhaps I heard about it before but the Hungarian adaptation (if the movie/book was even adapted to Hungarian in the first place) of the title was so "accurate" it makes the original title unrecognizable, which can happen just fine.

(Except of Beaux, he's kinda-sorta based on whoever it was, but he's not a real Robertson) So, about the Shingeki no Bahamut, will you be giving it a chance this month, now that you're done with Akame ga Kill?

I don't think so at the moment. From what I remember reading it ended up being kind of better for most people than what they were expecting, but it doesn't tickle my interest in the slightest right now.

Hey Boss, wanna grab some shotguns, TNT, a copy of "How To Make Inappropiate Vietnam Jokes While Killing Harmless Animals" written by Beaux Robertson Who Never Existed and go hunt some beavers while wearing Idolm@ster Cosplay this summer?

Reserve me a Shibuya Rin cosplay and I'm game.
(doesn't Beaux actually exist? From what I heard every character of the Duck Dynasty game is from the show)

Is there a game you'd call art, or at least one you consider pretty closer to being art? *crosses fingers for Killer7*

Not a personal favourite of mine but I suppose Killer7 fits the bill more or less in its own way, though right I personally consider the Pikmin series to be closer to this. The series itself doesn't center around its story since the "actual" story is pretty simple in all three games, but in the sense of "art", it's more about all games having an underlying theme about the power of teamwork and how all species are generally kept alive by feeding on other species in one way or other, and while I said that all three games' story are pretty bare by themselves, the first and third games are having their own little themes as well, with the first game centering around leaving the planet before the 30 days limit is over, and the third game centering around finding food not only for your own planet (which managed its food poorly), but for your own group as well. I may like the first and third games much better than the second one, all three games are wrapping what I said into a package that not only feels much more innocent than what the concept is about, but also well put together in a general sense. Especially the third game, the HD platform really brings out the lively visuals of the franchise.

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If your friend's birthday is approaching and you want to buy him something, yet you're completely out of options/ideas, do you usually buy the first thing you consider suitable or do you think that passing on the present overall is a wiser idea?

It honestly depends on what kind of person the friend in question is in general. From my experience people from my cycle don't care enough about their birthdays to even "demand" presents, so in this situation both options work just fine. I do think though that if you don't give any present at all, it's a nice gesture to add something along the lines of "sorry, couldn't think of a good present" if you usually give your friend a birthday present, but there's a year when you don't have any idea what would be a good one and you run out of time while trying to find a good present.

Are you hyped for Brandish next week?

I can't say I'm interested in it, but it's a good thing it didn't fell into the "stuck in Japan" curse. Or the curse of SMT4 and be delayed for one bullshit reason after the other.

If you'd work at Spike and were asked to choose a well-known game for a forced promotional cross-over with Danganronpa, which one would you choose, aside of Wonderful 101 (And Need For Speed, because Rivals is already DR with cars, holy crap)?

Phoneix Wright would be the most safe and easy choice for this, but I suppose I could say The Town with No Name for a more fitting joke answer.

Would you consider Tokyo Jungle a good game, brother man?

It's a fairly good game, though it held my interest for a shorter time than what I was expecting. The idea itself is still fresh in its own way for a PS3 game related to Sony's gaming division, but I suppose it didn't clicked me enough to play it for a longer period.

(Scattle was the one who composed "Inner Animal", one of your favourite tracks in the first Hotline Miami, along with a couple more songs from this game :D) Do you have any bigger hopes for the upcoming new year, or do you suspect it to not differ much from 2014?

No, I don't have any specific bigger hopes for 2015 as far as life itself goes, though that tends to be the case for me when it comes to a new game. Sure, I have some hopes when it comes to entertainment, but of course that isn't on the same level as IRL things are.

Have you listened to "Pacemaker" by Scattle, aka how Skankfunk would sound like if they would make music in the '80s? (Seriously, I can't stop listening to this one, Hentai Kamen, help me! I'm drowning in musical DESPAIR!)

I haven't even heard of this artist before this question, but the song seems alright based on a first listen. May grow on me better in the future.

Being a Looney Tunes fan, what do you think of Space Jam as a movie, given that many of us loved it as a kids and then grew up and realized how much product placement and weak humour was in this film?

I haven't seen Space Jam in 14 years, so I don't know what should I think of it. I remember bits and pieces from it, but the most solid thing I remember from it is that I liked the theme song as a kid.

Do you consider yourself a person who pays bigger attention to the past, or rather prefers to focus on the future?

I wouldn't say I particularly lean towards any of the "extremes", but I'd say I'm more closer to paying attention to the past. As simple it sounds, future is too uncertain to put more emphasized focus on it, while the past may hold something that you haven't realized back then but your current perspective can.


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