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(Deadpool, eh? If you think he was juvenile at times you can check out Lobo from DC then, he's more mature, but still over the top) Following the current trend, if you'd do the ice bucket challenge, who would you challenge next?

This challenge is too cold for me to ever think about doing it, let alone drag other people into this.

Are there any Western comic book series aside of Batman you happen to like?

Nothing else as far as actual series go, though I like both Spider-man's and Deadpool's character from what I caught on the Internet. The former because he comes across as a more approachable Batman as far as personality go, and while Deadpool's style can be juvenile at times in the bad meaning of the word, I still consider him a great refreshment compared to the usual oh-so-grumpy superheroes.

Do you prefer teenage girls, adult women or the age simply doesn't matter that much to you in this regard?

It doesn't matter, if I assume the question right and the entire person matters in this case, not just how they look. People can be both awesome/likeable/etc and awful/horrible/inconsiderate/etc. no matter how old they are.

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Out of curiosity, what is your stand on transhumanism?

It may be an idealistic view, but I'm neutral towards it as long as it's solely being referred to make use of technology in order to restore parts and functions of the human body that has stopped functioning properly, or they never functioned right to begin with. As for everything else however, I'm against it, and for one simple reason: people would inevitably find a way to abuse it either by military projects, or just by the sheer curiosity of overcoming mortal limitations even by the slightest degree, and let's be honest, there's already enough trouble in the world to try and not make things worse, even if the topic still holds many potentials. The immortality part of the subject is still interesting though, but I still think that it will always have its limitations on many grounds, from the population (these "immortal" people would still need homes/facilities/etc. after all) to the possible factor that literal immortality is something that human psychology studies obviously doesn't have anything to say about its effects. Would the psyche develop further, would actually degenerate as time goes on, or would stay static and nothing would change? This is the kind of question that I don't think even the most enthusiastic supporters of transhumanism would reach definitive conclusions.

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About you mentioning national holidays on Twitter, are Hungarian holidays also mostly consisting of sad ceremonies in churches/on the graveyards? (Because believe me, every person in Poland is complaining about our national holidays with how serious they are)

I wouldn't say "mostly", but a good amount of them are quite serious, like for example 15th of March and 23th of October (in honour of the war of independence during 1848 and 1956, respectively), and a few smaller ones like 6th of October (in honour of the 13-16 Hungarian officers who were executed for playing key roles in the one happening in 1848). On the opposite end, the 20th of August (in honour of the nation's establishment) is a rather happy one: the smaller villages like the one I live in kind of "divide" it in themselves who is going to celebrate it on which day in order to let people visit as much celebrations as possible (for the MONEEEEYYhhh, of course), but Budapest and bigger cities always hold the celebration on the 20th. The bigger cities of course always attempt to make this celebration big with many, many options for entertainment, but in smaller places like mine, it's pretty much just a good opportunity to let people have a good time with their families and friends. Kind of like the 1st of May (a.k.a. Workers' Day) really, except the 20th of August celebrates a much more important part of our history.

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Did you have this embarrassing "cartoon crush" many boys had when they were young? (Come to think of it, I don't want to think what would happen if my 11 year old self would see Hanekawa's Cat form, as if Sailor Moon wasn't enough to me and many others)

As much my preference towards cartoons started at a very young age, I actually don't remember if I had those crushes. The closest one I can remember right now was one of the early Sailor Moon crew members (Mercury, I believe) when I was 8, but you can imagine how intensive that was when I only watched SM in order to watch *something* whilst I tried to finish my homework before the day's Dragon Ball episode started.

When you happen to have nightmares, are they usually "supernatural" in nature, or rather tied to the real life problems, like unpaid bills or failed exams?

It's usually the latter, but there were instances where the both "types" mixed together.

whats your chatous account?

The fact that I had to Google what Chatous is in the first place should serve as an indicator for the answer to your question.

An unusual question this time, but maybe you could help me out with one of my books. Is there any Hungarian myth/fairytale you've found interesting personally?

Nothing I could recall, unfortunately.

If you would star in a Live Action adaptation of a certain video game, which character would you want to portray?

With the way I look right now (beard + hair specifically), I wouldn't mind a Big Boss role in the time frame of MGS3-Peace Walker.

Given that today is yet another MGS V announcement day filled with positive hype, might as well go with such question: If you would've been the FOX agent, what would've been your codename?

The Layman. Might as well go for an option that could possibly leave me with more ground to work with than to be a fireman, or a guy who will haunt you in your sleep.

Out of the songs you know, which one you'd mostly likely choose as your personal theme song?

That's a really good question actually, I never really thought of songs as something that could be used as a theme for myself. On a whim, I'd say the remix of Jeffrey's Virtua Fighter 2 theme would be a good pick when it comes of songs from video games, while the "real" music pick would be Southern Star by Uriah Heep.

(SPR? I'm very surprised, actually. I definitely agree that it contains this annoying pro-USA coat covering the whole movie, but in my case, Pearl Harbor takes the cake for cheesy Harlequinn romance and historical lies) Regarding games, was there a game other than MGS 3 which left a significant impa

In terms of story alone? Conker's Bad Fur Day is the only one that springs into my mind at the moment: the game itself may be not exactly story heavy for the longest time, but the way it oozes sheer vulgarity and nihilism the entire time in a way you wouldn't expect it from a studio being close to Nintendo at the time, and then you have that ending that not only puts the beginning narration of Conker into context, but also gives a truth bomb filled middle finger to that very attitude the game sported in the entire time is just great. The game itself was meant to be Rare's farewell to the N64, and I'd say this was the best possible way of doing so: the game itself was already one of the techno-junkie titles of the system for a reason, and the story was also something that really gave the feeling that Rare did wanted to make something unique and personal for a farewell.

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One last question regarding movies, was there a non-anime movie you've actually found pretentious, given that this seems to be a flaw many films, even some by Tarantino, seem to have problem with?

Because my selection of live-action movies is quite poor, I'm going to pick an answer that was quite possibly the first time I thought a movie can be pretentious, and I'll say Saving Private Ryan. Maybe the word "pretentious" doesn't quite fit the movie in a traditional sense (considering this movie is not exactly an art movie), but aside of "blind nationalism", I don't have any other word to describe this movie. You know that feeling when a war movie tries to sell one country as this pack of good guys while the enemy is depicted as this band on barbaric cavemen who don't have any shred of humanity in them? Yeah, SPR fits this bill like a glove: I do understand that this movie was meant to be for Americans, the sheer amount of bias towards the US oozing from it just doesn't make it a good movie when it wants to be taken seriously as a war drama, and it doesn't help either that none of the characters are particularly charming or endearing either. I mean come on, even Kelly's Heroes had enough spine to highlight that it's ordinary people who fought in that war, and the characters in that movie were more life-like both inside and the outside than SPR's selection of characters were.

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Was there any recent movie you've actually enjoyed while watching?

No, there wasn't, but only because I fairly rarely watch live-action movies in the first place.

Which one's hardest to comprehend: Uwe Boll still being in business, Crimean Crisis or people saying that the toothbrush scene in Nisemonogatari was beautiful and philosophical?

All three at once.

When you were in Middle/Junior High School, did you also have this embarassing soft spot for dark/edgy/angsty stuff?

I haven't, unless my gaming experience at the time being 90% about military shooters counts as such.

Which one do you like more: books or the more "visual" media (like games or movies), as far as feeding your imagination goes?

Call me a "modern kid", but I'd say I tend to like visual media in this aspect. As much books tend to have the upper hand in terms of sheer text thus having more air to deliver the story and characters they want, aspects like describing the scenery or what the characters look like often feels like following a money bill pulled via a string when I'm more interested in the story, and especially in the characters themselves. Visual media on the other hand jumps over this by simply showing you something that was described trough sentences after sentences, and if the overall direction plays its game right via more eccentric people at the helm, it can add something to the story that the book couldn't do. This is especially true if the direction is willing to put emphasis on the audiovisual features of the characters to tell about subtle characteristics even the characters themselves may not be fully aware, it's more interesting to figure out their meanings yourself than letting the protagonist tell you that "he/she looked utterly distressed, like he/she realized something that never wanted to realize". That, and the time restriction of visual media (available time slot, pacing, etc.) has the potential for a more subtle approach on stories in instances where the source material tended to be long-winded and making things a bit too obvious at times, and even if the source material didn't do this, you can still convert smaller passages of text into subtle visual/audio clues tied to the characters or the scenery. Granted, it's easy to mess this potential up when it requires a great amount of attention and a sense of more bolder directing, but if the result is successful, you can have something that not only meant to entertain you, but to make you reflect on the story and/or on the characters themselves, the themes and the story wants to tell you.

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If you could move to another country, which one would you choose?

I don't have a specific aim right now, so I'd rather go with the stock answer that is where the general mood is much more healthier, and the payment/costs ratio is considerably more closer to reality.

When are you going to play Trails in the Sky?

That's a good question actually. In all honesty I don't know much about this game sans the fact that it's developed by Falcom and that it's sort of an SRPG, but if there's going to be a discount, I can't see much reason to not get it, or if anything, at least trying out the demo (if there's one, that is).

Do you like living in Hungary?

No, not really. If anything, this has a lot to do with how our country got out of socialism so late in the game (roughly 24 years ago), and our economy since then keeps struggling with keeping up with the "west" in the worst way possible: keeping up the prices to the EU standards, but without the matching payments and services in a lot of segments. I don't think I need to elaborate on how this makes keeping up families and households rather hard for a lot of people (I got fairly lucky in that regard, but let's keep the issue at hand), and it doesn't really help that our political "elite" is your typical rag-tag band of hoarders: promising so much, yet delivering so low, including the very sensitive area of providing jobs and treasuring those who work in particularly important fields. If you heard about how a lot people in the medical field keep leaving our country for the sake of better payments and appriciation in foreign countries, you pretty much get the idea.
On a more personal level, that's an even more no. I don't know how is the general mood in your country, but we have that specific mentality of everyone holding back everyone for no reason (or for petty reasons), and if you happen to live in some specific areas, this can get very tiring in the long run. And the funny thing is that this keeps going on even in the younger generation of people (like mine, who were born in the very early '90s), so you get this strange mix of mentality where people simultaniously keep living in both the '70s-'80s and the 2014. Of course, I'm not saying everyone in our country is a pack of back-stabbing rats, but I hope you get what I mean.

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