Ask @Doki_Yun:

Someone please help me understand why people date over the internet 😩🤣

I think we can end up having a lot in common with someone over the internet and find it easy to relate to them. You grow unbreakable bonds and learn to really like or even love each other. Sometimes the people around us just aren't what we're looking for and we find exactly that with someone online. It's basically similar to long distance relationships. To others it might seem stupid or ridiculous but I think it's really cool to have friends or even a lover from around the world or even somewhere close by.

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so my bf gets jealous rlly easily and he starts arguments for no good reason. and he just gets really mad at me when i hang out with another guy thats not him and he has really bad trust issues.i dont wanna end it but i dont want it to be unhealthy andi dont wanna start and argument what should i do

It basically seems like there isn't much trust, because if you're hanging out with another guy and you're only just friend's nothing else there isn't a thing wrong with that. Yeah I get it being jealous it's only natural but your bf shouldn't start arguments for no reason at all or be mad at you for simply hanging out with someone. I don't think that's exactly healthy. But if you break up or not that's all you. Whatever you feel would be best.

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