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Your snapchat?

Only two family members snapchat me and I rarely snapchat them back lol.
So not really a point in sharing....

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Is it possible to fully control one’s emotions?

Yeah some people are built this way.
I am a master at suppressing my feelings 100% but nonverbally maybe not

what do you think about permanent residency in Canada? is it worth it?

Life was sweet once upon a time here a very long time ago. Newcomers will have to work very hard to survive

How can someone be sooo rude?

Lol. Yeah
You can only change your perspective and shift to a positive one. Humans can be so 😪😪😪😪

•• Space 💫 🧡 لساتك متذكر؟

Tired 😴😴😴
Woke up by the loudest code red I ever heard

What’s the meaning of life?

A series of events..of learning and exploring and trial and error. A rollercoaster of emotions, happiness and devastation on the journey to peace and wellbeing
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What does Recognition and Rewards mean to you and what does it look like”?

Hmm..I want to be noticed when I do things I want someone to notice when I do things or I'm gonna get frustrated doing them. Reward means when I accomplish hard things there is a surprise 😊 I realize I'm an adult and this doesn't usually happen lol but it would be nice maybe adults would be less grumpy

Why should a person delete old messages?

Cuz the mind is a strange thing and it's good not to be reminded

what is the most revealing outfit you've seen someone wear? the birthday suit doesn't count

They usually wear revealing clothes during caribana here and everything passes in the name of cultural festivities
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‏صلاة الفجر تُنير وجهك ، و تُصلح دربك وتُيسّر عملك ، وتجعلك في ذمّة الله "ركعتا الفجر خير من الدنيا ومافيها ☁️

serenothman’s Profile Photoغيمة☁️
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