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If you could only eat one food, and nothing else, for three days in a row, what would it be?


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Yeah I do and I was just wondering if I can get to know yu some more if that's not too much to ask :) (via guy with the illest crush on yu)

I don't know who this is ..

What part of your body do YOU like about Yourself ?

That's a hard one .. its btwn my lips & my dimples.

Can I have a quarter I told my mom I'd call her when I fell in love..

LMAOOOOOOO, that was a good one .. ! Had to post it :) lol.

How u feel about guys with beards?

Anybody that knows me knows that beards are a weakness of mine ;) lol. As long as they don't have grays & shit in them lol

Would you give a guy a chance that lived on the otherside of the country?

If we had that connection, why not? Distance wouldn't change that. Just as long as he had plans to meet up with me at some point.


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