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Are you in love with someone and if so what's his name?

I don't even know anymore .. Love is too complicated.

You beautiful as shit sweetheart. What would it take?

Well, you can start by telling me who this is :) lol

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I meant s/o ..fuckin auto correct lol..

oh, lol. That's what I figured you meant, but I had to be sure .. But ummm .. I only shout out 10k+, unless I know the person personally.

Girl ya love is life changing and I couldnt be the same without you darlin.. truth be told it took me a while to overcome the fact I couldn't be with u. Did u realize that

I'm starting to slowly but surey realize who this is .. lol. But no, I didn't know that because you never TOLD ME!!!

Would you let a man bend you over his knee and spank your sweet naked behind with his hand? If yes, on a scale of 1-10 how much would u like that, and why? If no, why not? :)

I would .. & I'm not sure, maybe a 6.

Would you give up on Love even when it's looking you right in the face?

Absolutely not, I think that's one of the biggest mistakes you can make in life ..

Would u find it n ya heart to give a poor man like me a s/I..lmaoooo. U badd by the way !!!!! (Sbdaghost )

thank you. & what's a "s/l"?

Yea so would you give me the time of day?

I cant call it .. that would depend on your personality.

What's the latest thing that made you smile?

Me & my niece were on FaceTime together & she accidentally hung up on me, and for some odd reason .. it made me smile :) lol.

Are you fat? And if you are what's you weight? No disrespect but you put up all these pics of ya booty and boobs but how a nigga know you not deceiving him and you fat ass hell?

Absolutely not fat. & you honestly sound like a retard saying that I only post pics of my booty & boobs, because I have a NUMBER of full body pics. And if you truly feel like you're being deceived, you can easily unfollow me. It's just that simple.

Whats your taste in men? What attracts you physically?

Tall, brown/dark skin, nice teeth/smile & nice lips.

Would you give me the time of day?..

Well, I would have to know who you are in order to answer that .. Dontcha think?


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