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Would you rather live without TV or music?

I rarely watch TV anyways, so I'd say tv .. I would kill myself if I ever had to give up music.

U looking fa a relationship or casual dating still?

well, I always like to start off casual .. but the goal for me is always a long-term relationship.

Wats a good penis size to you?

Size doesn't really matter to me, it's what they can do with it that counts.

What's ya body count nigga?you double digits? Who you talkin to nigga? I'm Tryna hit it ;p

I mean, was I supposed to laugh? I'm lost ..

I'm moving to NY for college and I hear its a real rodent problem, like even in the houses. Please let me know if this is true and how you deal with it?

Depends on what part you're moving to, but traps & animal control can help ..

Just letting you know, your my IG crush. Pretty and thick (but not obese fat thick lol)

Aww, thank you :)

Have you ever thought about doing any urban modeling work?

I did at one point, but it was a dream that short-lived.

Shootin a muzic vid next month ft joe money would love 2 have ur sexy ass in it

Never heard of ''joe money'', but I don't do music videos. Thanks for considering me though love :)

Can you sit on my face while I eat you out and lick you till you're weak and I won't stop

Um .... no thanks :)


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