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Body type you favor in a man?

I don't really discriminate. As long as he's not TOO big or TOO skinny. & height is a definite.

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whats your ideal date?

Cuddling on the couch, eating snacks & watching sappy romance movies <3 lol. I'm old fashioned, it doesn't take much to satisfy me :)

What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?

Stay out past 12 at the age of 14.

Lol awww shucks your welcome hun :-) it's true all these half naked girls on Ig be thirsty for likes ...& don't cry cause then ima cry lol :') but we should must diff hang out sometimes, you seem wild cool to chill with :-)

Definitely. Where do you live anyway?

Hey girl it's @treasuredbeauty_ I love all the pictures you take especially the caption. & it's not half naked pictures there actually decent pictures & your just beautiful & have such a great body. I just wanted to let you know & we should chill sometime ! Your like a role model to me ^_^ lol

Awww, thank you so much. & I'm glad someone finally appreciates the fact that I don't take revealing pictures. I do it as a way to show women my age & younger that you don't have to be half naked to be beautiful :) but I'm absolutely FLATTERED. Lol, I feel like crying right now :')


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