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Honestly, I'm in love with you & your body. You seem like an intelligent young woman. I know this isn't a question but I just felt like it had to be known lol.

Aww, thank you. I'm flattered :)

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Listen domi thia boogie again . Im feeling you alil bit but i dont really know you imma send u my under one on my old pics if u feel like talking scream at me just lose ur voice Mamas .. Stop playing hard to get with a nigga thats hard to get .. Text me i wanna holla at you

Lol .. okay.

yea im lasean moses im a_mastermind 8 in instagram. I just hate the.disrespectness of the questions its immature and shit. anyway how u doing and y u up soooo late ? lol

Oh, okay. Well once again, much love for you <3 & nothing much .. Just listening to music & laughing at all these stupid ass questions. You?

Lol didnt mean sexually but all female no males?

Yeah, pretty much. Instagram guys dont interest me .. They talk to any & everybody. It's hard to take them serious.

if they do it again im curse them out. its disrespectful to u. I hate it. heavy sadated

Awww, I think it's cute how much you care <3 much love to you. Whoever you are .. Lol.

smh at these dum ass question y u even answering the disrespectful questions I hate it

I promised I would answer all their questions, & I'm a woman of my word. There are some that were a little bit too much though, those were ignored.

What's you type of guy?

I like a guy who's intelligent, ambitious, respectful, charismatic & TALL.. With a little thuggish undertone ;)

Based on your looks your a 10 if you have a good personality your perfect

I'm pretty sure this isn't a question, but thank you very much :)


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