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If I told you I gotta thing for you what would you say

Well, the first thing I would say is .. Who are you? Lol

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If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Poetic Justice- Kendrick Lamar

I mean Foreal how r u single

I actually get asked that ALOT & I don't know .. Honestly. I mean, I talk to someone.. & I guess it'll get there someday, but idk why it hasn't already.

What's you fav kind of porn lol

I have a few different kinds, but I like homemade porn the best. I don't like all that fake shit ..

Fav sneaker and fav sneaker on a guy

I'm a big fan of 12s & 10s. & my favorite sneaker on a guy would probably be 11s.

Give me your kik so I can reveal myself love lol

Domi_thebody, but if you're on some stupid shit you will get blocked. Just letting you know in advance ..


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