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fuck these niggas, ur beautiful and u have a beautiful body!!!!

thank you sweetheart. i really do appreciate it. <3

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5'6 is average in any gender... that bitch look like a fucking animal .. stop cosigning big bird , horse looking chicks lol you good unlike @theposhprincess

smdh, that's not cool. & honestly, I'm not gonna sit here & condone you talking about her like that .. if you feel so strongly about the way she looks, she does have a ask page .. go tell her! lol.

"had a threesome with my two best friends (both females)." all ya females is gay lml smfh

one of them are, the other one was just experimenting .. lol. we're not ALL gay.

"She also taught me that my body is my temple .. therefore, she wasnt worried about me sleeping around or doing what I wasn't supposed to" didn't you say you let a nigga put his dick in your ass and talk about riding faces? OH okay lol

First off, SHOW ME THE POST where I said I let a nigga put his dick in my ass. & second, .. you damn right I like sitting on faces, SHOW ME a female that doesn't. Like really, you're ignorant as FUCK & you're also a fucking coward. Take that ''anonymous'' off & talk to me, or else I'm not answering no more of your ridiculous ass questions.

are you aware that you'll likely won't find a dude that won't want you for more then sex if you show off your body the way you do?

you think so? lol. quick question .. what makes you think I haven't already found him? & second, HOW do I show off my body? I've had this convo TOO many times .. but I honestly don't think I reveal too much. I have a shape, therefore no matter WHAT kinda picture I take, it's gonna show. You've never seen me take pics bent over wearing a thong/boy shorts have you? You've never seen me naked have you? You've never seen me in anything other than REGULAR clothing. You've never even seen me in lingerie for god's sake .. lol. So please, if you don't mind .. ENLIGHTEN me. :)

do you have dancing or twerk videos? if not you should make some :)

I have made some .. back when I was going through my young ''bird'' phase, lol. They're embarassing >_< .. but if you wanna see them here's my old youtube name >> Exotichick101

"They talk to any & everybody. It's hard to take them serious." maybe because you females act like hoes?

"YOU" females? nah. THOSE females, maybe. But definitely not me.

one crazy thing you have done sexually?

had a threesome with my two best friends (both females).

"Stay out past 12 at the age of 14." dumb ass parents smh

Lol, take it how you wanna! My Mom let me stay out past 12 because she instilled in me that a young woman/lady is supposed to carry herself a certain way. She also taught me that my body is my temple .. therefore, she wasnt worried about me sleeping around or doing what I wasn't supposed to. I wasn't doing it at 12 & I'm damn sure not doing it now! These bitches out here having babies or getting 20+ abortions & they had/have STRICT parents. So what are you saying? lol.

Youngest, 22 .. Oldest, 26.? wtf, you were dating jail baits lmaoooo #pedifiles

I guess. I mean, I'd rather date ''pedafiles'' than to date immature ass little boys who do nothing but waste my time ..

You are the definition of a #ThirstTrap. lol

thanks ... ? lol, i dont know how to respond to that.

you do realize "thick" is a type of fat right? it's just more appreciated I guess

I don't think so. But you're entitled to your own opinion. & if so .. YOU must appreciate it, because you're following me :) lol.

Hey do you know @theposhprincess? how does she look like a basic bird bitch? shorty is mad tall and hit

I do know her, & don't violate -_- tall is BEAUTIFUL. shit I'm tall & I wouldn't trade it for the world :) .. & she's NOT UGLY!

Ugly girls with big butts forget their BUTT UGGLY!!!! #FuckouttaHere

lmfaooooooooooo, are you trying to imply that I'm ugly? #SWERVE


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