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Thoughts on periods?

Beethoven's middle period is definitely his strongest and boldest in my opinion. The Edo period truly saw Japan leap forward as a society in many ways, so it was a very important period in forming what we know of today as Japan. The Cretaceous period was pretty spectacular, I mean there were flying dinosaurs. I'm not sure what else can be said about that. While I'm not really an admirer of his works, Picasso's blue period is clearly his most influential on the art scene that followed him. The Reconstruction period in the US was the first major step toward civil rights in the US for black Americans who had only very recently been freed from slavery, so it was of course a very important period.
OH WAIT YOU MEANT BLOOD FROM YOUR VAGINA DIDN'T YOU? No I can't say I have any thoughts on the subject.

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If you had history with someone you been through so much together and you both lost y’all V card to each other and they broke up with you after two months of losing it to them but they had a reason to leave you what does that say to you ? What do you think ?

I think this is some teenage bullshit and in a couple years you're gonna look back and be embarrassed that you even cared about this shit.

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