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*DA lol I know right? I sometimes forget you ARENT really Geno XD you play him that well not gonna lie*

[[I know you said DA but I just gotta, getting compliments on how I play Geno really makes me happy, I mean moreso than any of the other characters. I just have a huge grin on my face right now you have no idea how much this made my day, thank you]]

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[[OK people]]

[[I know I need a break from the constant conflict in our RPs, I mean the AfterDeath family hasn't had a break since Mid-April. Enough is enough, I can't keep up and I'm fairly sure the other Admin can't keep it up either. Not to mention Reaper's account was banned for unknown reasons. You want conflict, either self RP it or for awhile find a different Admin to do conflict RPs with. I have work to do in real life so I'm stressed an I cannot deal with stress in RPs right now.]]

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*Toriel doesn't see it as a bad sign, she throws away his robe and pats Geno on the skull, giving him a hug after* See? You'll be alright! Now do you want some pie or maybe cookies? I know your children love cookies

*he doesn't say anything but waits for Life to leave. He pulls a length of glowing blue string from his hoodie pocket, string he's had since Life let Reaper dust. He removes his scarf folding it and laying it on the ground. ... when Life comes back the Glitch in Limbo had attempted to h@ng himself...*

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+8 answers in: “Maybe that was a bad idea.. I thought the soup would save him but he didnt eat it *leaps out window*”

I don't know..if it's too big of a paradox then..I think our timelines are going to end up being fused together..*Goth looks really worried* if that happens I think TK is going to flip..that means the past and future are going to end up together..

And as his mentor I'm the one who has to deal with him, lovely. Honestly considering Cross ended up back here and started up some X-Events, this is a HUGE Paradox. I wouldn't be surprised if the timelines had already fused, some of us from the past, others from the future, all in this new present.

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+16 answers in: “*Goth pokes his head in the room* this a bad time..?”

Don't worry, Shino doesn't get in a lot of trouble! *Goth then looks a tad confused*..Ooh..right..Dad never told you how we visit the surface in Uncle classics timeline..*oh boy if Geno needed more reasons to be angry with Reaper* We get to visit and be around tons of other monster kids and humans..

[[who else isn't surprised by this in the slightest, taken as admin]]

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+2 answers in: “Mom! *Goth runs to you and immediately hugs you tight* Are you okay??”


Papyrus パピルス
*Geno walks with Paps until they're far enough away from @GrimReaping that he won't over hear them and quickly whispers* 'sorry you got dragged into this, I'm trying to teach him a lesson, I haven't forgotten you guys, but I'm not letting him know that'
[[I can't let this Papyrus go through this Reaper by the law of I say so you didn't overhear that and are convinced Geno's still missing all his post save screen memory]]

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+4 answers in: “/Papyrus looks crushed,Geno had really forgotten him? He actually starts getting tears welling up in his eyes and looks away from him/ WELL.. I GUESS.. YOU COULD SAY I'M FROM ANOTHER AU AS YOU CALL IT.. T-THIS PLACE ISNT WHERE IM FROM.. ..I-I'M SORRY.. I SHOULD..MAYBE I SHOULD GO..”

[[To the ADMINS behind @CrossingOutNames @PuppetMasterSans @JinxQuartz and anyone else who interacts with the AfterDeath family]]

[[As of this post all knowledge of @GrimReapings' Scythe being his weakness has been Thanos snapped out of existence. The only people allowed to know are those who CANONICALLY know about it, so MAYBE @ReapertaleChara but that's it. It's not fair to the Admin that everyone ab-ses Reaper's weakness, it makes fighting him basically turning Reaper into a punching bag and I'm sick of having to deal with the aftermath of it. Remember what you do to Reaper affects his entire family too. SO, NO USING THE SCYTHE AGAINST HIM. If someone does on an account that wouldn't canonically know about it, I will stop RPing with them on all accounts. I'm DONE]]

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*Geno appears on the save screen looking at the buttons hovering there*

... I sure as hell hope this works, I've never done a reset on this kind of scale before, I don't think anyone has. ... I hope I can fix this, heh I'd say see you on the other side, but I'm not sure I'm gonna make it there *he presses reset causing a large scale reset throughout the multiverse back to before @CrossingOutNames was Reaped and @BowofLight was Corrupted... however there's no sign of Geno....*

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Geno do all your Blaster beasts have names??

Of course they do *Geno snaps his fingers summoning all three, one is at least twice the size of the others with a glitched skull his eye is Red and Blue just like Geno's. Of the Two smaller Blaster beasts one has a glowing red eye and the other has a glowing blue eye*
*Geno pets the largest blaster beast who lets out a contented rumble* This is Fluffy, he was the first blaster beast I could summon, and for a long time was the only blaster beast I could summon.
*he walks over to and pats the head of the red eyed blaster beast that lets out a happy bark* This here is Susie, she's a real firebrand, I've been summoning her a lot lately cause she's the fastest of the three.
*He walks over to the last blaster beast, the one with the blue eye, he's curled up on the floor and merely yawns acknowledging Geno's presence* And last but not least you have Steve here, he's a bit on the lazy side if I summon him on his own, but when he and Susie work together they have taken down opponents much larger than them, larger than Fluffy even. Maybe he just doesn't like being summoned alone.
Well there you go, all three blaster beasts and their names, and before anyone asks me why I named them the way I did, each name just FELT right, and they responded positively to me calling them that from the first time I used their name. *Geno sits down and rests against Steve* Though I think Steve here has the right idea about maybe taking a nap.

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*Reaper was relieved about that and watched over him while he slept*

*he actually seemed to be having a proper night's sleep, none of the usual muttering and twitching that normally accompany his nightmares*
[[Reaper really does care about him... even if he goes a bit crazy when it comes to showing it]]

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+17 answers in: “MINE!! *Reaper nuzzled Geno as he hugged him tightly lol* Are you alright Love? Anyone bother you?”

Dear, even the other Gods in ReaperTale have trouble with Reaper, it's no surprise a lot of others would get frustrated with him, I don't understand why they would attack you for something your husband did, shouldn't they go after him? How about you stay with me for a while?

They went after me, because I'm the only thing that can be used to hurt Reaper emotionally. But I'd definitely like to stay for awhile, I can't deal with him right now.

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+8 answers in: “Reaper is planning on resetting the timeline so Raven comes back but I don't think that will be enough to forgive him will it?”

*Lol maybe you secretly are*

[[considering I'm already lazy and take multiple naps a day and would probably eat plain ketchup if I could get away with it, you might be right XD]]

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+2 answers in: “*DA no I didn't lol it is true in canon Geno leaves for a while just over finding out Reaper hid Ravens existence, I think he would be even more p-ssed that Reaper is this terrible with their children I can see Geno canonical wise acting just like yours xD but he never discovered how Reaper acted*”